F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize

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The plea will need we to pattern an IoT resolution that enhances a team’s capability and rival ability by converting group members, apparatus and workspaces into connected inclination to strap a energy of genuine time tracking and analytics. The due resolution should strap a IoT and mobility technologies to safeguard that a group personnel, cars and other apparatus stay connected and promulgate in genuine time with any other.

This should give a group a capability to track, guard and conduct all in genuine time as good as to strap profitable information generated in a process. The information collected would trigger programmed manageable movement by determining applications.

For a 2017 F1® Connectivity Innovation prize, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport wants you to conceptualise and pattern applications of IoT to assistance a group on a lane and in the factory to raise operational efficiencies in any or all of a following 3 pivotal areas:

1. Human performance
2. Race operations
3. Logistics management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rising as a subsequent record mega-trend, with potentially diversion changing focus opposite a business spectrum. By joining billions of bland devices–ranging from aptness bracelets to industrial equipment–the IoT merges a earthy and digital worlds, opening a horde of new opportunities. Formula 1®, being one of a many technologically modernized sports, offers a good event to try a focus of these technologies to urge both a fan knowledge of a sport, as good as enabling faster and some-more fit ways of operative for teams.

In a second plea of a 2017 edition, F1® CIP will yield a height to assistance clear ideas and insights that will try a use and activation of IoT inside a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team.

This year’s foe will embody a plea any from Formula One Management and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Our consultant row of judges will name 3 winning entries from any of these hurdles to join a Grand Finale where they will counsel to exhibit this year’s winning idea.

One (1) Grand Prize leader will accept $50,000 USD and a trophy.

For a final 3 years, a debate has invited fans and innovators from opposite a creation to detect ideas to try genuine hurdles and opportunities in Formula 1 racing. From presenting a abounding repository of chronological F1 multi-media to a fans and visualizing information collection for engineers, to leveraging practical and protracted existence technologies that renovate a fan knowledge or group operations, your grant from around a creation helps fuel a digital mutation in a sport.

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