Facebook acquires biometric ID corroboration startup Confirm.io

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Facebook has reliable to TechCrunch that it’s acquired… Confirm.io. The startup offering an API that let other companies fast determine someone’s government-issued marker card, like a driver’s license, was authentic. The Boston-based startup will close down as both a group and record are rolled into Facebook, where it could assistance users who are sealed out of their accounts.

Confirm.io had lifted during slightest $4 million from investors, including Cava Capital, given rising 3 years ago. The 2015 seed turn saved modernized forensics used to lift information from an ID card, as good as mobile biometrics and facial approval to endorse a person’s temperament before a startup deleted a personal data.

Clients could fast confederate a tech, that expedited on-demand startup staff onboarding. Food smoothness use Doordash used Confirm.io to determine a drivers, while Notarize used it to substantiate a temperament of business looking to record documents.

The startup writes, “When we launched Confirm, a goal was to turn a market’s devoted temperament fad height for that other multifactor corroboration services can build upon. Now, we’re prepared to take a subsequent step on a tour with Facebook. However, in a meantime this means all of a stream digital ID authentication program offerings will be wound down.”

Confirm.io’s ID authentication feature

Facebook tells TechCrunch, “We are vehement to acquire a Confirm group to Facebook. Their record and imagination will support a ongoing efforts to keep a village safe.”

Facebook tests selfie-to-unlock feature

Facebook could potentially use a record to have people endorse their identities if they’re sealed out of their accounts after being hacked or losing their password. Back in Sep we speckled Facebook contrast a underline that let we clear your comment regulating a selfie. And given during slightest 2013, Facebook has let people mail in a duplicate of their print ID or other temperament corroboration materials in sequence to recover entrance to their account.

Because this is a full acquisition, not only an acqui-hire, Confirm.io’s group and tech could assistance Facebook strengthen and streamline these options. And one day, maybe Facebook could even offer as your ID label in some situations. Face ID on a iPhone X could eventually be non-stop to third parties to energy some-more biometric confidence opposite apps. With a keys and remuneration cards apropos digitized and partial of a phone, a ID label is unequivocally a final reason we have to lift an old-school wallet.