Facebook appoints American Express CEO to house of directors

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Facebook announced now a further of Kenneth I. Chenault, CEO of American Express, to a house of directors. His appointment becomes effective Feb. 5, 2018.

“I’ve been perplexing to partisan Ken for years,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pronounced in a press release. “He has singular imagination in areas we trust Facebook needs to learn and urge — patron service, approach commerce, and building a devoted brand. Ken also has a clarity of amicable goal and firmness we admire and a viewpoint that comes from using an critical open association for decades.”

Chenault, who assimilated American Express in 1981, has been authority and CEO of a large financial services association given 2001. In further to portion on Facebook’s board, Chenault serves on a play of IBM, Procter Gamble, a Harvard Corporation and others.

Unlike Facebook’s other house members, Chenault is black. In fact, Chenault is a initial black chairman to offer on Facebook’s house of directors.

“I’m gay to join a house and demeanour brazen to operative with Mark and a other directors as Facebook continues to build communities that assistance move people closer to friends, family and a universe around them,” Chenault pronounced in a press release.

Last October, a Congressional Black Caucus met with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to plead a need for black people during a top. At a time, Sandberg reportedly pronounced Facebook would shortly designate an African-American to a house of directors.

African-Americans are unfortunately singular to see on tech companies house of directors. Industry-wide, there were usually 3 black people and one Hispanic chairman sitting on a play of directors during 20 vital tech companies in 2014, according to a consult by a Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

One of those numbers increasing in 2015, when Apple combined James Bell, an African-American, to a company’s house of directors. Bell, while not a initial black chairman to offer on a board, is a usually black chairman now portion on Apple’s house of directors. A vital tech association but any African-American nor Latinx people on a house of directors is Alphabet.

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