Facebook, Google, Apple Dominate Top Apps Of All Time Lists; Candy Crush And Clash Of Clans Are Top Games

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A new news from app store analytics organisation App Annie this morning offers discernment into a many renouned – and profitable! – iOS applications of all time. Not surprisingly, a many downloaded app to date is Facebook, that also places elsewhere in a tip 10 list interjection to a other mobile properties like Facebook Messenger (#2), Instagram (#4) and WhatsApp Messenger (#6).

Meanwhile, King’s Candy Crush Saga is a world’s many downloaded game, though Supercell’s Clash of Clans edged it out in terms of revenue.

According to a firm, a association dynamic these rankings by examining information going behind to Jul 2010, when it initial activated a App Store trackers. It also used newer technologies to establish that apps were a many used.

In a Apps rankings, Google, Facebook and Apple browbeat a tip 10 many downloaded apps, with Google’s YouTube entrance in during #3, and Google Maps during #8. Apple’s Find My iPhone is #7 and a iTunes U app is #10. The usually other dual companies to make a list were Microsoft with Skype (#5) and Twitter (#9).

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For all 10 apps, a U.S. leads in downloads. However, it’s engaging to records that iTunes U’s tip 10 position might be heavily shabby by China. App Annie says that China came in as tighten second to a U.S. in terms of downloads for that sold app.

In addition, a apps in this list have conspicuous staying energy that has lasted over a years. Although many are over 4 years old, all 10 continue to have millions of downloads per month. That means these are a apps that a infancy of users implement when they get their initial iPhone or iPad, as good as those they implement when relocating to a new device from an comparison model.

Also of note, apps with clever amicable and pity facilities take adult over half a tip 10.

When it comes to a apps that make a many money, however, a tip 10 list looks really different. In this list, party apps (like song and sports) and dating apps rule. Here, Pandora leads, followed by LINE, dating app Zoosk, Apple’s Pages, Spotify, Badoo, Skype, MLB.com At Bat, Grindr, and LINE PLAY.

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Pandora’s tip mark was also driven by a U.S., that contributed many all a revenue, says App Annie.

Only Skype seemed on both a tip downloads and tip income lists.

And during $9.99, Apple’s word processor Pages is a usually app that generated all a income from paid downloads – a other apps are freemium-based. (Pages became giveaway for all new iOS inclination in Oct 2013, though a chronological income era authorised it to place on a all-time list.)

Many of a tip downloaded and tip income apps are also a tip apps by monthly active usage, solely in China. There, nothing of a 19 apps in a download and income rankings are in a tip 50 by monthly actives, as users have a welfare for internal apps.

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On a gaming side, scarcely 3-year aged Candy Crush is still attracting millions of downloads monthly and has reached a #1 daily tip iPhone diversion ranking in over 100 countries.

Most of a games (7 out of 10) are formed on a appropriate mechanic, 9 out of 10 are infrequent games, and all 10 are some-more than 2 years old. The newest one on a list is Despicable Me, expelled in Jun 2013.

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Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga are a usually games that seemed on a most-downloaded and tip income lists, ranking during #1 and #2, respectively, on a latter.

Japan creates a good showing on a tip income list with Puzzle Dragons and Monster Strike entrance in during #3 and #5.

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Supercell also cleans adult with Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach in tip income list.

These games, along with Candy Crush and Despicable Me were also among a many used games as well.

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