Facebook Looks To Tackle Personalized Learning In The Classroom

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Facebook is working to give open propagandize students an preparation that’s some-more tailored to their needs.

In a blog post currently from Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, a association announced that over a past propagandize year it has partnered with Summit Public Schools, an innovative propagandize complement in a Bay Area to urge and exam their new training technologies.

We started by operative together to reconstruct their tool, called a Personalized Learning Plan (“PLP”), for Summit’s use in a 2014 propagandize year. Last year, some-more than 2,000 students and 100 teachers spent a propagandize year regulating it.

Looking forward, Summit Public Schools is formulation to open adult a PLP it has built with Facebook to other open schools opposite a country.

For 2015, we’re ancillary Summit as it partners with open schools who wish to try personalized training by a tiny commander program. We’ll use feedback from this module to urge a PLP so we can eventually offer it, for free, to any propagandize in a U.S. that wants it.


Don’t worry, kids during these schools won’t be removing targeted ads popping adult while they are perplexing to do their readings. The PLP is totally apart from Facebook’s categorical use and we don’t need a Facebook comment to pointer in. The whole group during Facebook that’s operative on PLP is theme to some flattering despotic manners to strengthen tyro data.

Summit subscribes to a White House-endorsed Student Privacy Pledgehttp://studentprivacypledge.org/, that means that a Facebook employees operative on this devise are compulsory to hoop Summit students’ information in suitability with a Pledge.

This really appears to be a pet devise Facebook executives, looking to use their company’s technological talent to assistance urge open education, rather than some large devise to mangle into EdTech. Mark Zuckerberg has donated millions of dollars to rebellious these problems, though here it looks like a association felt a best approach they could assistance was to demeanour during improving a technologies directly themselves.