Facebook Messenger Comes To Apple Watch With Audio Messaging And Location Sharing

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Facebook is finally entrance to a Apple Watch in a form of a Messenger app that allows users to send content messages, audio messages, and share their location. The ability to simply speak to Messenger, and have friends be means to listen to that message, will concede for unprescedented hands-free discuss over Facebook.

The app was announced on-stage during Apple’s large “Hey, Siri” launch eventuality that we’re liveblogging. The proclamation came alongside a phenomenon of a new bullion and rose bullion Apple Watch Sport, some-more colored competition bands, and sum of watchOS 2 that’s in beta. It offers apps that run local on a watch, new faces, and third-party complications, open Transit in Maps. There are also a few new flagship apps for a Apple Watch, including GoPro, iTranslate, and a health caring provider app called AirStrip.


But a many sparkling new program is Messenger. With 700 million monthly users globally, Facebook Messenger is a biggest US messaging app outward of SMS. It could spin a Apple Watch into a some-more critical communication device, rather than something we only glance at.

Facebook didn’t recover an app alongside a strange launch of a Apple Watch, that was a warn to some. Cramming a News Feed into a little shade didn’t seem to make sense, yet Instagram did offer a approach to perspective a photos on a Apple Watch.

In a meantime, 10,000 other Apple Watch apps launched. Startups like Voxer, Glide, and Telegram swooped in, anticipating to be people’s wrist messaging app.

But now Facebook seems to trust a got a smartwatch app estimable of a name. Not shown on theatre were these screenshots, only common by Facebook Messenger’s conduct honcho David Marcus. They uncover off organisation messages, audio messages and plcae sharing, a plaque hunt engine, and stickers.

Facebook Messenger Watch

Facebook tells me “With Messenger for Apple Watch, people have a new approach to stay connected with those they caring about, by promulgation and receiving voice clips, Likes, stickers and more. We’re vehement about a launch of Messenger for this height and demeanour brazen to conference people’s feedback.”

The app will let users send pre-made content editable on a iPhone, Likes, voice clips, location, emoticons, and stickers. They can accept all those and text, photos, and videos, and money, yet stickers and GIFs will seem as still images.

Why Build For Apple Watch?

Facebook has been assertive about accessibility, perplexing to make versions of a apps that work on as many platforms as possible. It even built a Google Glass app.

While it doesn’t monetize Messenger directly, a app drives lock-in with Facebook’s amicable network and News Feed, where it shows a remunerative ads.

The some-more height ubiquity Facebook Messenger can achieve, a stronger a network outcome will be entrenched. Each time a crony messages we from Facebook Messenger, it draws we closer to a Facebook ecosystem. Each time they content we from SMS or another app (other than WhatsApp), it pulls we serve away. That’s because notwithstanding Apple Watch’s comparatively tiny user base, being there is critical for Facebook.