Facebook Messenger now works in Android Auto

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On a heels of Google’s proclamation that a in-car infotainment height Android Auto can now duty as a standalone mobile app, Facebook currently announced that it’s now rolling out Android Auto formation on Messenger. That means Android Auto users will be means to listen to and respond to texts from friends on Messenger regulating voice commands.

Android Auto already lets drivers entrance useful information and party selections in an easy-to-use display, including things like navigation, song and messaging. A series of apps have integrated with a platform, like Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps, Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and others.

To use a new Messenger integration, you’ll initial need to have Facebook Messenger commissioned on your Android smartphone, a association says. You’ll afterwards be means to hear and respond to messages that come by possibly a Android Auto mobile app or a arrangement in your vehicle.

Facebook says you’ll be means to hold a symbol to have a summary review out shrill to you. Then, we can select to respond to that summary but typing on your phone by regulating Android Auto’s voice authority functionality.

Another accessible underline is a symbol that we can press that will send out an “I’m pushing right now” summary as a discerning respond to incoming texts. Although, arguably, some would contend that responding to messages while pushing should just wait, a existence is that people tend to respond anyway, even yet it might be unsafe.

Google has taken a some-more open proceed with Android Auto, as compared with Apple’s CarPlay. Though a complement is accessible in some-more than 200 new automobile models from 50 brands, by creation it an app, it’s accessible to everyone. And on Android smartphones, Google can make these integrations with third-party apps feel even some-more seamless, as is a box with Messenger.