Facebook nabs Google’s AR product director

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Facebook has stolen divided Google’s executive of Product for AR Nikhil Chandhok, who will be fasten FB to lead product government of a Camera group operative on protracted reality.

Chandhok worked on Google’s ARCore smartphone protracted existence height as good as a Daydream VR height in his position there. Previously, Chandhok had co-founded AI startup Bento Labs, that lifted $2 million from GV and First Round Capital, among others.

“…As we join a Camera/AR group during Facebook, I’m looking brazen to building on a height that allows for a origination and find of tellurian AR practice everywhere. I’m generally meddlesome in building some-more review and movement in cross-platform camera services,” Chandhok wrote in a Facebook post.

Both Google nor Facebook have staked out AR as a vital height for a companies’ destiny growth. They both have some projects that they’ve had really high-profile reveals for, though most of a responsibility has been on developers to figure out what a ruin to indeed do with a platforms. Everyone seems to simply posit what they competence do in a universe with AR glasses, though it’s a stream universe where a lot of companies are carrying a tough time visualizing what will make a user lift their smartphone adult to see an protracted perspective of a world.

Google’s ARCore height has been a far-reaching open universe for developers to find out what to do with positional tracking on plane planes (on name devices). Meanwhile, Facebook’s Camera Effects has been a some-more candid opening into a universe of selfie filters, though lives inside Facebook Camera, that we might be astounded to learn exists in your FB app.

Long story short, it’s early days, so removing a right talent to conclude your product prophesy is apparently key. Facebook has a prolonged diversion of AR being mapped out on a hardware side with Oculus Research eyeing furious displays, though removing some-more people focused on a use cases of tomorrow — even if they only demeanour like updated camera facilities rather than dedicated quote-unquote AR facilities — is a opposite plea altogether.