Facebook to open Startup Garage during Station F in Paris

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Station F is improved famous as a world’s biggest startup campus. Based in Paris, a outrageous chronological relic is going to have 3,000 desks for tech companies of all kinds. This morning, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg came to Paris to announce that Facebook is going to be one of Station F’s launch partner. Here are all a details.

“We talked a lot with this ecosystem and a lot of companies motionless to assistance us,” French billionaire Xavier Niel said. “Facebook was a initial that wanted to be partial of this good idea.”

Niel founded telecom association Free and has a garland of startup-related projects as well, such as Kima Ventures, an early theatre investment company, and a giveaway coding propagandize 42. He’s financing Station F with his possess money, with Roxanne Varza heading a project.

“We’re anxious to be a initial partner and start a Facebook Startup Garage here,” Sandberg said. “My theory is that we’re going to learn even some-more from operative with we than we operative with us.”

Starting in April, Facebook will have 80 desks on a passageway nearby a entrance. The Facebook trademark is already there, watchful for a building’s grand opening.

Every 6 months, Facebook will work with 10 to 15 startups and assistance them as most as they can. There will be Facebook engineers and weekly workshops so that immature startups can learn from Facebook. And I’m certain Facebook will mark intensity acquisitions utterly early with this program.

Some of a initial startups are Chekk, Mapstr, The Fabulous, OneClub and Karos. With 32 million monthly active users on Facebook, Facebook could attract utterly a few startups.

“Later we’ll launch a initial process lab during Sciences Po operative with Ecole 42 and SupInternet,” Sandberg said. This plan is separate to Station F. 30 students will accommodate with Facebook each week to make a universe a improved place (or that’s how we consider about it).

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“Proof of a impetus is a general ranking,” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo The city of Paris has turn London’s categorical challenger when it comes to investments in startups.” It’s transparent that Brexit has done Paris even some-more appealing than it used to be.

Facebook is only one of a many partners that are going to work with Station F. Varza denounced some of a launch partners during TechCrunch Disrupt London in December. TechShop will open their initial emporium outward of a U.S. if we wish to learn woodworking or CNC machines. Vente-privée will open a startup module and a incubator of HEC Paris will pierce there. French VC firms, such as Daphni, Ventech and Xavier Niel-backed Kima Ventures are going to have an bureau there.

And anyone will be means to lease some bureau space for €195/desk/month in a outrageous 366,000ft2 (34,000m2) building. Station F is moulding adult easily — while Facebook’s joining isn’t accurately groundbreaking, throwing a courtesy of heading companies like Facebook is a good sign.

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