Facebook updates Messenger with support for QR codes, food smoothness by M and more

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Facebook is rising a integrate of new facilities for a Messenger height today. Among those is an refurbish to a M practical assistant, that can now assistance we sequence food by delivery.com, a launch of Messenger Codes, that are fundamentally QR codes we can indicate into Messenger, and better support for Game bots and turn-by-turn games.

The M practical partner combined support for suggestions progressing this year, though with this update, it can now commend when we are articulate to your friends about removing cooking and advise fixation an sequence with delivery.com. That experience, Facebook says, includes organisation grouping and payment, too. This new underline is now accessible everywhere in a U.S. served by delivery.com.

Facebook Messenger is also removing a Game add-on (which is rolling out today). This add-on will now also get entrance to Game bots and Rich Gameplay (that is, turn-by-turn games). In total, some-more than 1.5 billion games have been played in Messenger over a final 90 days, Facebook says.

As for a QR codes, a knowledge is flattering most what you’d expect. You will be means to indicate these QR codes during concerts, basketball games or other events and, after you’ve scanned them, a Messenger bot will cocktail adult to yield we with some-more information. While QR codes never utterly held on (at slightest in a U.S.), that Facebook openly admits, this does demeanour like an engaging approach of regulating them and might only make them a little bit some-more popular.

For businesses, Facebook is apparently also rising collection to beget these codes. These businesses can now also work with opposite developers to yield opposite Messenger experiences. That means a business can have both a selling and patron use bot, for example, and opposite vendors and developers can conduct these separately.

On their Facebook Pages, these businesses now also get support for intelligent replies, that are powered by a Wit.ai bot engine. Through them, they can respond to frequently asked questions that business frequently ask them (think business hours, directions, phone numbers, etc.).

In further to all of this, Facebook also currently announced vital updates to a organisation bots and it’s creation bot discovery, easier too.

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