Facebook’s Canvas format isn’t only for ads anymore

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Facebook users can design to start saying some-more of a company’s Canvas format.

For those of we who haven’t been following all of Facebook’s opposite ad formats, a Canvas is fundamentally a mobile ad that opens into an interactive, full-screen page. (Like Instant Articles, it’s ostensible to by-pass a prolonged bucket times that can come with mobile web pages) Facebook done a format accessible to all advertisers behind in February, and on Jun 22, it will turn accessible for regular, non-sponsored posts from Facebook Pages.

Facebook says a format has been a success already, with users spending an normal of 31 seconds in Canvas, adding adult opposite everybody who’s interacted with a format to 100 years of time (which is kind of a joyless suspicion …).

Businesses and brands that have already combined Canvases embody a Miami Dolphins and non-profit Dignity Health.