Facing Impeachment, Brazil’s Leader Claims She Is a Victim

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President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil during a news discussion on Tuesday called a pierce to cite her a “legal and domestic fraud.”

Eraldo Peres/Associated Press

BRASÍLIA — As she fights for her domestic life, President Dilma Rousseff has been tirelessly describing a expostulate to mislay her from bureau as zero reduction than a coup.

In a republic with sour memories of troops persecution — a many new one carrying given approach to municipal order in 1985 — a word is generally fraught, and it has turn a rallying cry that has energized supporters who are battling to wand off an impeachment hearing in a Senate that could start as early as subsequent month.

“I am a plant of a routine that is secure in injustice, and authorised and domestic fraud,” she pronounced during a news discussion on Tuesday, dual days after a reduce residence of Congress voted by a far-reaching domain to approve an impeachment measure.

The discuss about stealing her from office, that is convulsing a polarized nation, centers on a essential question: Did she dedicate an impeachable offense?

There is extended agreement that Ms. Rousseff’s administration employed budgetary tricks to disguise a appearing necessity and raise her prospects during a bitterly fought re-election debate in 2014.

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Experts contend Ms. Rousseff’s administration effectively borrowed some $11 billion from state banks, an volume equal to roughly 1 percent of a economy, to account renouned amicable programs that have been a hallmark of a Workers Party’s 13 years in power. These programs enclosed payments to Brazil’s lowest residents, credits to tiny farmers and financing homeownership for low-income families.

But authorised experts and inherent scholars are divided over either that movement rises to a turn of an offense that merits dismissal from office.

“The supervision lied about a disorderly state of their residence by putting adult a flattering window,” pronounced Carlos Pereira, a domestic scientist during Fundação Getúlio Vargas, an chosen Brazilian university. “The supervision tricked a people, and for this they contingency be punished.”

But a president’s defenders contend such mercantile irregularities do not validate as a crime, a inherent requirement that would concede a Senate to mislay her from bureau if she is convicted after hearing by a two-thirds majority.

Pedro Serrano, a inherent law academician during Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, pronounced Ms. Rousseff’s enemies were regulating an overly extended interpretation of a law, a pierce that will mistreat a nation’s immature democracy.

“In any courteous republic in a universe that has authorised approved institutions, such a punishment contingency be really narrowly interpreted,” he said, referring to dismissal from office.

Oscar Vilhena Vieira, a highbrow of inherent law during Fundação Getúlio Vargas, pronounced a law compulsory that Congress approve changes to a annual bill and taboo a boss from borrowing income from state-owned banks.

“The inlet of these crimes are executive crimes,” he said. “They are not penal crimes, so we can't be put in jail given of them, yet we can remove your mandate.”

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He added: “Is it politically fascinating for her to be impeached for that? It is adult to Congress to decide. It is a domestic decision.”

The use used by Ms. Rousseff’s administration, famous as “pedaladas fiscais,” or pedaling mercantile obligations into a future, is bootleg underneath a 16-year-old law that was designed to finish a budgetary practices that had led to harmful bouts of hyperinflation in a 1980s.

In a years since, a tactic of regulating income from state-owned banks to temporarily account a supervision has been used by countless inaugurated officials, including governors and mayors, yet no boss has faced punishment for it until now.

Ms. Rousseff’s defenders contend her opponents in Congress are cynically regulating a law to overthrow an unpopular president. Brazil is pang by a misfortune retrogression given a 1930s, and an maturation crime liaison involving a inhabitant oil company, Petrobras, has murderous a open with revelations that billions of dollars in kickbacks were funneled into a debate coffers of absolute domestic parties.

The liaison has concerned countless domestic figures, including pivotal members of her possess party, yet so distant Ms. Rousseff has not been indicted of any indiscretion in a case, nonetheless she was a boss of Petrobras during a time a kickbacks were pronounced to have taken place.

On Tuesday, Ms. Rousseff sought to beg her box to an general audience, summoning members of a unfamiliar news media to a Palácio do Planalto, a building that houses her offices. For some-more than an hour, she shielded her mercantile policies and denied that she had damaged a law. “I’m not a chairman who gets desperate, and will quarrel for my convictions,” she said. “I have fought for them my whole life.”

José Murilo de Carvalho, a distinguished historian, voiced magnetism for Ms. Rousseff’s predicament, yet pronounced it was false to impute to a impeachment beginning as a coup. Until now, he said, a routine has followed a law and has been theme to slip by a nation’s top court.

“Impeachment is a really bad instrument for removing absolved of a boss given it’s political,” a highbrow said. “If we don’t have control of Congress, we can be impeached, even if a arguments are not so strong.”

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