Fans Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes After Negative Suicide Squad Reviews

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Here’s a first, fans of a arriving film Suicide Squad have motionless to try to close down a website that aggregates film reviews, instead of going after a critics themselves.

A DC Comics fan launched a petition yesterday to close down Rotten Tomatoes after a comic book company’s latest film started removing disastrous press. The petition isn’t usually since of Suicide Squad though, though for many of a cinema in a DC Universe that have ceaselessly gotten bad reviews, such as this year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The petition accuses Rotten Tomatoes of “unjust bad reviews … that affects people’s opinion even if it’s a unequivocally good [movie],” and has all prepared garnered over 3800 signatures.

When a reviews of Suicide Squad started entrance in yesterday, news started fast swelling that a film wasn’t really good. With 64 reviews, a film usually has a 36 percent certain rating, that isn’t really good. This is DC Comics second tent stick film to be expelled this year to disastrous reviews, with Batman v Superman usually ranking with a 27 percent certain rating. Typically Marvel cinema arrange most higher, such as this year’s Captain America; Civil War that has a 90 percent ranking.

While a petition might offer as an comical news story of one fan’s frustration, it expected won’t do anything during all. After all Rotten Tomatoes usually gathers a reviews, it doesn’t write them. and if a infancy of a people aren’t fondness a movie, it usually can’t be that good. Really what needs to occur is for DC Comics, and their primogenitor association Warner Brothers Entertainment, to start creation improved superhero movies.