Father Arrested After Young Son Finds His Way Into A Secret Candy Stash

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As some-more and some-more states opposite a nation start rewriting a laws on medical and recreational pot use, there’s firm to be some incidents along a way.

As some-more dilemma store dispensaries are non-stop each day, it’s removing easier and easier to find THC-laden products. When medical users start to examination with opposite edibles, there comes a apparent emanate of how to keep them divided from children.

As one detrimental father found out when his 10-year-old son detected a tip accumulate of edibles, a effects on tiny children can be positively awful.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ephraim Zagelbaum was enjoying a day during a park with his son when an astonishing sleet charge put a check on a day.

Flickr / Herry Lawford

Once a sleet started, Zagelbaum’s son rushed to a automobile to wait things out.

Flickr / Gabriele Diwald

In a meantime, a small child fast detected a package of FlavRx Pink Lemonade Belts. They demeanour only like candy, though they indeed enclose THC.

Flav Rx

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