Fire Dancing Bluetooth Speaker

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1The Fireside Audiobox is a Bluetooth-enabled audio actor with abandon that respond to a music. The lightweight, self-contained audio complement stands 19.5 inches high, 14 inches far-reaching and 4.5 inches deep. With a built-in Bluetooth technology, users are means span it with any Bluetooth-enabled device for easy song streaming. The onboard Li-po battery provides some-more than 8 hours of consistent song on a singular charge. The 16.4 unit propane bin typically lasts about 8 hours depending on vigour and a power of your music.

Once we glow it adult with a lighter, a abandon will flutter and jump to a song interjection to a sound waves flitting by a cylinder.  A dial on a control row on a behind allows for composition of a fire intensity.  The tube and a gradual potion are designed to minimize heat. With an integrated shut-off valve in box a device is knocked over, it has reportedly met a reserve requirements.

The Fireside Audiobox debate is already saved on the Kickstarter. If all goes to plan, a fiery speakers should be delivered by May subsequent year. The creator demonstrates a device in a video below.

Source: Kickstarter