First satellite-based wildlife monitoring apparatus for airports

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Ascend – a wildlife government resolution for airports


Wildlife habitats tighten to airports poise a critical risk to reserve during takeoff and landing. Thanks to ESA, a new use lets airports use satellites to brand and conduct these areas.

Developed by Ascend XYZ in Denmark with ESA’s help, a use uses giveaway images and information from Earth regard satellites total with intelligent software.

Several airports in Denmark have tested a Ascend program and found it distant easier to use than existent difficult standalone systems.

Focusing on risk sites has augmenting their potency and reduced costs and enabled them to approve with a authorised requirement to guard within a 13 km radius.

Detecting H2O around satellite

Detecting H2O around satellite

“Using Earth regard information is some-more fit than on-ground monitoring, requiring fewer man-hours and obscure final on resources that cuts costs while augmenting moody safety,” commented Peter Hemmingsen, CEO during Ascend.

“This is generally profitable to smaller airports with fewer resources to accommodate a same reserve standards as vast airports.

“Free information from a latest Copernicus Sentinel satellites make this an affordable resolution for airports.”

Two airports have already sealed adult to a service.

Several general airports from Germany, England and North America also devise to adopt it.

In a software, users can brand risk sites such as lakes, golf courses, balderdash dumps, anniversary crops and other areas that attract wildlife – birds in particular. This provides a full overview of all a sites around a airport.

Registering a lake in Ascend

Registering a lake in Ascend

Satellite cinema are updated weekly, so changes in a H2O levels of lakes and flooded fields can be monitored and a site visited. All actions can be documented in a software.

The program can also beget alerts such as reminders to revisit a site, guard it around a satellite images, or hit a authorities if changes occur.

Sites can be remarkable on maps and margin crew can revisit specific areas guided by satellite navigation information from Ascend.

Reports and images generated in Ascend can also be used for auditing functions and to emanate a wildlife government report. Without a Ascend solution, airports need a dear group of specialists to do this.

Field crew locate sites by satnav

Field crew locate sites by satnav

The cloud- and browser-based government complement allows a information to be common online between airfield operators, belligerent staff, polite aviation authorities, a wildlife government group and others concerned in airfield operations.

Early subsequent year, Ascend intends to extend their use to brand objects that surpass tallness restrictions in limited areas.

“ESA’s ARTES Applications programme merges large space information with intelligent ideas,” remarkable Arnaud Runge, Ascend Project Manager during a Agency.

“Ascend is an glorious instance of how space can boost efficiency, cuts costs, solve problems and, in this case, make the skies safer.”

Source: ESA