First Solar-powered Flight Across The Atlantic

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Solar Impulse 2 has flown into a story as it finished a initial solar-powered moody opposite a Atlantic Ocean. The single-seater aircraft overwhelmed down in Seville, Spain and over 71 hours after it left JFK airfield in New York. Covering a stretch of 6,765 km, this crossed a Atlantic Ocean though a singular dump of fuel. This is not a initial for aviation, though really a initial for purify technology.

This moody is took a sum moody time of 71 hours and 8 mins to make it opposite a pool to Europe on a round-the-world solar flights. The timing of a moody was forced by an coming cold front, that could have behind takeoff. The aircraft reached a limit altitude of 8,534 m and managed an normal speed of 95 km/h.

The video next recaps a transatlantic flight.


Source: Solar Impulse