Fitness Model Lifts 66-Pound Weights While Pregnant With Twins!

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Pregnant Fitness Model

Twenty-six-year-old Australian aptness indication Sophie Guidolin is 6 months profound with twins and still weightlifting.

Guidolin, who is also a tutor and nutritionist, common a print on her Instagram comment of herself lifting a 66-pound weights while her father watches.

“I have complicated my pre/post natal certificate for aptness and still trust it comes down to any individual’s fitness, pregnancy and circumstances,” Guidolin wrote in a print caption.

Luckily for this aptness fanatic, her father is also a competent dietician and tutor with over 10 years of experience. However, a Aussie gym partner has perceived copiousness of critique over her heated pregnancy workout. With only 12 weeks left in her pregnancy, Guidolin is not interlude anytime soon. She discharged concerns about a risks of sportive while pregnant.

“A lot of people demonstrate regard over women sportive in pregnancy and we 110% know why. There are so many myths, aged wives tales opinions out there, it is tough to know what is a law and what is done up. In my opinion, listen to no one solely your competent devoted medical staff,” she said.


While we’re not certain about a health risks of her impassioned workout, Guidolin’s trim and fit physique (even with a sizeable baby bump) is enviable. Looking during her toned arms and legs, it’s tough to trust that a trusting mom has already given birth to dual children, and will be a mom of 4 soon.

Photos: sophie_guidolin on Instagram