Focus on assisting those in need: Sunny Leone’s response to Atul Anjan’s comments

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Love her or hatred her, we can't omit Sunny Leone. She is mostly targeted for her confidant choice in films and altogether picture due her prior work in a porn industry. However she doesn’t let it impact her too much, as is clear in her opinion towards haters.

Sunny Leone. Image Credit: Twitter @SunnyLeone Sunny Leone. Image Credit: Twitter @SunnyLeone

Sunny Leone. Image Credit: Twitter @SunnyLeone

After CPI personality Atul Anjan pronounced that examination her condom ad will lead to an boost in rapes in India and former chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women Barkha Shukla Singh seeking for a ad to be withdrawn, Leone who is now holidaying in Africa, offering a response with a elementary tweet.

Among consistent updates about her holiday, she remarked that people in appetite should concentration on assisting people in need instead of wasting their appetite on her.

This isn’t a initial time that Leone has used Twitter to take a stand. Last month, she had responded to a porn anathema in India with a wily and utterly crafty twitter indicating her stance.

An progressing Firstpost essay said, Sunny Leone is a favourite aim of empty moralisation due to her past story as a porn artist, as her tweet actually points that out.

Well, hopefully the politicians will concentration their energies on ensuring women’s safety in India and not make uncalled for statements on passionate assaults.