Focusbook helps we quarrel your Facebook addiction

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Ever found yourself wasting hours down a Facebook rabbit hole? Of course, it happens to us all here and there. If you’re dependant to Facebook or disposed to removing mislaid in a guts of your newsfeed, then Focusbook is a neat Chrome plug-in that competence help.

The concept is simple. You scale behind your Facebooking by environment a specific purpose for any session and adhering to it. That’s a aim, during least.

Once installed, Focusbook will ask because we wish to revisit Facebook each time we navigate to a site. Then, regulating a unchanging pop-up and forward blue mist, it frequently reminds we that you’re substantially already finished and it’s time to get behind to other things.

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Focusbook won’t heal everyone — there’s still Facebook’s mobile apps and their attention-grabbing notifications — though it might make you aware only how most time a amicable network cooking up.

If you want to go a step further but still use some tools of Facebook on desktop, you could opt for the purify and clutter-free site or other extensions that kill a newsfeed on

Happy Interneting!

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