Food Network Canada’s “The Baker Sisters” Jean Parker & Rachel Smith Reveal Dessert Secrets

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While a holidays have come and gone, a wintry temperatures of another Canadian winter have left us longing regard and candy this January. Enter consultant bakers and stars of a new Food Network Canada uncover The Baker Sisters, Jean Parker and Rachel Smith, a energetic kin twin who have brought their imagination formulating desserts to a tiny screen. The dual ladies are not usually Canadian bakers; they are also mothers and a unapproachable daughters of a bakeshop owner. Craving some sugarine this season, Real Style spoke to Parker and Smith about their passion for all sweet, tips for perfecting your possess baked products and healthy baking ideas.

Although The Baker Sisters has only wrapped, fans with a honeyed tooth are means to locate episodes and even perspective recipes online at

Real Style: Tell us some-more about The Baker Sisters.

Jean: Literally, it is a sisters’ excursion opposite North America. We find out a best bakeries and we try their desserts. We get to go behind into a kitchen with a baker and make them.

Rachel: At that time, Jean and we are training good baking tips, along with a viewers. We are educated bakers. Our mom was a baker, we worked in her bakery, though we are training things as well. Also, we competence be means to give a bakers themselves a tip here and there. It’s flattering cold that we get a event to share what they are doing. It’s funny, many bakers bake in a diminutive hours of a morning. They are by themselves and maybe have song going. Then they are nap by a time their bakeshop opens in a morning! This is a good approach to be means to share all of a passion and tough work. You have to be ardent to dedicate to baking.

Real Style: What was it like flourishing adult with a mom who was a baker? That contingency have been amazing!

Rachel: When her butter spicy emporium was adult and running, we were tweens and teens, and not meddlesome during all. But she did sinecure us, and we couldn’t wait to get out of there! We were so unfeeling in baked products during that time. Now, baking is in a blood. Jean and we pronounced to any other, about dual years ago, “why don’t we start creation tarts?” Twenty years ago, we said, we hatred tarts! we don’t like going to propagandize smelling like a tart.

Real Style: What are your personal favourite desserts, being veteran bakers?

Jean: I adore delectable desserts. we adore carrot cake and pumpkin pie. In Atlanta, Georgia, we got to try a honeyed potato cake. we still consider about it.

Rachel: I adore a buttery things. We were in Halifax and we were during a bakery called Sweet Hereafter. They done cheesecake. They were an all-cheesecake bakery, a cheesecakery! Their cheesecake was New York style; it was flattering most all cream cheese.

Real Style: Any tips for creation a ideal cake during home?

Rachel: The multiple of oil and butter will give we such a proposal particle that a butter will have that lush flavour.

Jean: If you’re creation a dim cake, good tip! Instead of powdering your vessel with flour, use cocoa powder. That is going to lend a some-more chocolatey flavour, and afterwards your cake will come out too, and it won’t stick.  

Real Style: With Jan here, many of us are looking for ways to eat healthy! Do we have any tips for shortening fat in your recipes?

Rachel: I would contend that regulating a small bit of maple syrup instead of white sugarine is a unequivocally good choice. A lot of a time, we will bake something, and if it does call for white sugar, we will underling it out.

Jean: Using zucchini is a good further to baking, since it does have some moisture. It’s also healthy.

Photo: The Baker Sisters