Ford reinvented a handbrake for a electronic age – outrageous angle flapping is back

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You don‘t have to be a really ardent motorist to know what handbrake spin is. It is a special manoeuvre, carried out by eager drivers, teenagers and convene drivers. However, new cars tend to not have a correct automatic stop – they have an electronic one, that simply does not work a same. In many cases, actually, it is automatic not to retard a wheels of a rolling car. But Ford invented something new.

The Drift Stick – literally a stick, joining to a electronic brake, is a initial electronically tranquil opening handbrake in a world. It was grown by a same team, that brought us a Drift Mode in a Focus RS. Obviously, given electronic handbrakes do not work in a same way, Ford had to emanate a complement how to bond a aluminium push by a driver’s chair with ABS and hydraulic braking system. In short, it allows bypassing ABS for back wheels, opening adult a rear-drive section clutches and requesting hydraulic vigour to close a back wheels. This formula in rally-like skids.

Ford Performance Drift Stick works most quicker than a normal handbrake section and is really easy to operate. Image credit: Ford

Installing an old-school automatic section would need drilling holes, ascent brackets and presumably changing a design of a executive console. This elementary electronic handbrake works really good and is intensely easy to work – it requires usually a fragment of a force that a normal handbrake. And given Ken Block is during Ford’s disposal, he got to check it out as well. Block pronounced that a Drift Stick really creates a automobile even some-more fun to drive. Block is famous for pulling vast angles in his Gymkhana array and it is achieved regulating a normal handbrake. While this electronic complement is not adult to rallying standards, it really allows for incomparable deposit angles, that it is all about.

And given a Drift Stick is electronic, it can be tuned – there is a USB pier for this accurate reason. The section can also bond to a car’s onboard diagnostics port. Ford Performance Drift Stick is entrance for sale this Dec already and will cost $999, however, usually US and Canada business will be means to squeeze it. And, of course, drivers will usually be authorised to use it on racing circuits. There is good news, however – designation of this mod does not cancel a car warranty.

Ford Focus RS is an considerable four-wheel-drive hot-hatch, that has something others do not – a deposit mode. It allows for some controllable fun while skidding around a track. However, for some it might be too controllable and that is where a handbrake would come in – it would concede for some-more motorist impasse and incomparable movement angles.


Source: Ford

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