Forget Pawar and Shukla, it’s time BCCI opts for a change of guard

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The flitting of Jagmohan Dalmiya is heralding nonetheless another energy onslaught for a post of BCCI President. It is Indian cricket’s possess Song of Ice and Fire – reduction a blood and gore.

With a BCCI compulsory to announce a date for a Special General Meeting within 15 days of a stream President’s black death, there is an scary clarity of laxity to a names doing a rounds.

File design of Anurag Thakur. BCCIFile design of Anurag Thakur. BCCI

File design of Anurag Thakur. BCCI

Sharad Pawar – a male who was a BCCI boss from 2005 to 2008 and a MCA President for over 10 years, and an ever-present in sports administration. Rajiv Shukla – a authority of Indian Premier League and a long-time functionary with a BCCI. And of course, a earlier President N. Srinivasan is being touted as The Kingmaker and is suspicion to reason a pivotal to who gets a sizeable series of votes that he still controls.

And we know what they contend about familiarity. It breeds contempt.

Pawar and Shukla – who are both politically corroborated – are no strangers for controversies in their domestic and executive careers. The 2013 IPL liaison that has continued to stone Indian cricket happened during Shukla’s reign as a IPL chairman. Pawar’s domestic career has been dirty with scandals. As distant as Srinivasan is concerned, well, where do we start?

What Indian cricket indispensable when Sourav Ganguly stepped down was a maverick, immature personality in MS Dhoni, who went on to be hugely successful. When Dhoni announced his retirement from Tests, India’s many recognizable youngster in Virat Kohli was handed over a reins and a initial signs are positive.

Indian cricket, on a field, has opted for immature blood to lead a way. Why should it be any opposite when it comes to selecting a personality off a field? You can’t assistance though consternation if BCCI could unequivocally do worse than opting for a change of guard, instead of descending behind on a tried-and-tested options, usually like they did when selecting Jagmohan Dalmiya in Mar this year.

Amitabh Choudhary, who has been around a cricket administration round for a while streamer a Jharkand State Cricket Association given 2002, is rising as a accord claimant from East Zone. An IIT connoisseur and a former IPS officer, Choudhary is credited with bringing success to Jharkand cricket and a successful construction of a code new track in Ranchi, that has turn an IPL regular. While he would technically paint a change of guard, he is, however, resolutely believed to be a Srinivasan loyalist.

Anurag Thakur, who has positively been using a uncover over a past few months when Dalmiya’s ill-health became open news, is fast gaining a repute as an fit administrator. Part of a girl wing of a statute BJP, Thakur has been holding a unwavering bid in giving BCCI an picture makeover – some-more media friendly, some-more pure and some-more accessible. He fulfills a criteria compulsory to be deliberate for a post as well. Current treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhary is an choice as well.

With a Justice Lodha cabinet entrance down heavily on a BCCI, a notice of a house in a mind of a open is arguably during an all-time low. Falling behind on Pawar or Shukla is frequency going to assistance resurrecting and a final thing a house needs is to give Srinivasan a energy to control Indian cricket.

Right now, it is value giving someone like Thakur a advantage of doubt, given that a rest of a possibilities usually enthuse doubt.