‘Foursquare For Stoners’ App Lets You Share Your Buzz

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Truly a bounty of technology’s void overfloweth. Cannabis smokers of a star wishing they could share their sound with others can do so via an different geolocation app called Who Is Happy, on iOS and Android.

Colloquially dubbing itself a ‘Foursquare for Stoners’, a just-got-high checkin app is a work of Paulo Costa — an epilepsy box who is expecting a indirect publicity helps to decriminalize cannabis in his internal Brazil, given a medical power as a diagnosis for reducing seizures.

Who Is Happy was launched in Brazil in January, where it pushed into a tip 30 many downloaded apps. This week it’s uninterrupted for downloads in a U.S., and Costa is now in Silicon Valley holding meetings to try to drum adult banker interest, before pennon to Denver for some-more meetings (and, well, a Cannabis Cup). He’s bootstrapped expansion adult to this point.

As we conspicuous final December, VCs are sparking adult some-more weed-tech investments. In a 12 months adult to that point, CrunchBase accessible 29 try investments in cannabis startups for a sum of perceptibly $90 million in material committed. As pot gets decriminalized a entrepreneurs are primed to pierce in and make a (legal) killing.

The Who Is Happy app lets users smear a pitch to add-on their sound on a map — suitably hazily, with checkins indicated on a map by a fume of juvenile fume with a radius of 1km for 4 hours after a checkin pitch is pushed, origination it machiavellian to pinpoint a accurate plcae and incentive a spliff/blunt/joint/doobie/Camberwell Carrot/pétard was sparked. Individual users are never tagged.

As good as checking out where associate smokers have been stealing high, users can see a tellurian leaderboard of relief by country, and collect their possess stats to quantify their spliff smoking.

The app is free to download yet Costa sees future business power by building it out into a tellurian gentle network for cannabis smokers — monetizing around ads. “We are user in some new comforts to produce to users useful geolocated information about dispensaries and doctors, whom will be means to ventilate on a platform,” he tells TechCrunch.

Presumably on-demand mangle fibre startups cunning also locate synergies with such a happy and desirous community.

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