French Designer Creates Fairytale Dresses Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

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There is a large online village of conform designers from around a universe who share truly monumental creations.

But what dressmaker Sylvie Facon from France is means to grasp with her wearable works of art would jolt even a many seasoned conform lover. To emanate her beautiful gowns, she uses any materials she can get her hands on, as prolonged as she thinks she can make them work for her vision. She’s even used a spines of old, hard-cover books to build dainty bodices.

Her character knows no limits, with transparent influences from spousal fashion, steampunk trends, and motifs that demeanour like they were ripped right from a pages of Cinderella.

She’s a loyal artist in each sense, and she does whatever she has to when perplexing to grasp an effect. Here, she palm embellished this stage of a town.

And this picture of a violin.