From Shawshank Redemption to Sholay: Here’s a list of iconic jail-break scenes in films

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Two undertrials in Tihar Jail, Delhi transient from a jail by a fringe wall. They dug their approach by and ran out before anyone could locate adult with them.


Screengrab from Sholay.

Now be honest with yourself. These above lines could simply have been a stage from a film right? Remember Sholay‘s “Loha garam hai, maar do hathoda” (strike a iron while it’s hot) and a spine chilling shun from Sriram Raghavan’s Ek Hasina Thi?

Cinema has been portraying jail break in opposite ways; while some of them are intense, roughly nail-bitting, some of them are only officious funny.

On a one palm there are characters like Andy Dufresne, who’s iconic shun from Shawshank jail done for a classic, worshiped movie, and afterwards there’s also a waggish stage from Badlapur where Nawazuddin attempts an shun after examination Sholay (the Sholay prison mangle is another waggish partial altogether) but fails miserably.

Here’s a list of some of a favorite jail breaks (or attempts) shown on a large screen:


There was a whole perplexing sub-plot concerned in creation certain Jai and Veeru shun from jail in Sholay. Unlike cinema from a time, a favourite couldn’t only shun (you know, by a sorcery trait of being a hindi film hero) — they indispensable a devise and they indispensable something that could be successful in front of this whacky angrezon ke zamane ka jailer (jailer from a British time).

And so, presenting to you, a famous jail mangle stage from Sholay. There’s a feign dug adult hole, spies inside a jail, a hang posing to be a gun and a lot of Amitabh-Dharmendra swag. One of a favorite scenes from a movie, hands down.



Speaking of Sholay, Nawazuddin’s impression in a film Badlapur in a film plays a formidable bad man who is in jail for a murder of Varun Dhawan’s wife. He’s formidable since he’s kind of a quirky character: we can’t quite pin indicate how good or bad he is as a person, and therein lies a beauty of a film’s extremes.

In a center of all of this, Nawaz watches a above stage from Sholay while in jail. He gets inspired, and attempts an shun of his own, by removing into a unfeeling pouch that is creation a approach out of a jail premises. Obviously, he gets caught. But check out a video, since how he gets held is hilarious!


Life is Beautiful

Let’s take a impulse here to get a critical face on, since an cult movie like Life is Beautiful positively deserves it. Now, we know a thoroughness stay is not unequivocally a jail, and a mishap that this father-son twin had to go by during a film is deeply upsetting, and moving. (For a uninitiated, this film is set in Nazi-controlled Italy, and a father-son twin are sent to a thoroughness camp. To keep his son’s spirits high, a father pretends that this whole distress is a partial of a diversion that they need to win.)

We couldn’t not embody this stage in a list, since zero comes tighten to a giveaway shun than a finish of a film where a small child comes out of his persperate box to find a whole distress is over. It’s a tear-jerker guys, squeeze your tissues.

Ek Hasina Thi

This Sriram Raghavan noir film gave Urmila Matonkar a finish makeover. In a film too, she starts off as a plain-jane city lady who is sent to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. While in jail, she transforms into a tough nut, with a fight opposite a guys who put her in there.

Using a assistance of a associate invalid with contacts, she creates her shun really meticulously, yet adopting a totally street-smart and chameleon-like attitude. Bone-chilling.

Shawshank Redemption

And a large winner! Shawshank Redemption is a whole, (pretty amazing) film dedicated to jail break. Ofcourse a film is a lot some-more about tellurian adaptability, growth, a attribute between Andy Dufresne (convicted of murdering his wife) and Ellis Redding (Morgan Freeman) and Freeman’s stellar account powers.

But each time we penetrate into this film, we can’t assistance yet get sucked into their universe and even yet we know a end, we find yourself during a corner of your metaphorical seat.