From fume to bad fish: DTU students invent new uses for sensor technology

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Their thought and business indication were inaugurated as a leader of Spin Out Day Friday 26th May, and as partial of a esteem a group perceived 50.000 DKK and a stay during Berkeley University to attend in an creation stay this summer.

Many applications for sensor technology

Can we use a sensor record from a fume detector for other purposes? The group of students behind Fishent were asked this doubt as partial of their assignment during a march Innovation and Product Development, a doubt they answered by building a antecedent to be used during fish auctions. When we insert a box of fish into it, a sensors detect and magnitude a fish odeur and a program estimates a peculiarity of a fish. The group has grown their possess program for examining a information that a sensors collect. This analysis of a fish peculiarity ends adult with a tag with a series indicating how many days a fish will stay fresh.

The march Innovation and Product Development is an MSc march during DTU, where teams of students rise and start new businesses on a basement of patents and new technology. Each spring, a march is finished by Spin Out Day, an eventuality where all teams benefaction their ideas and business models for member from a trades and industries. Associate Professor and Innovation Coordinator Thomas Howard is obliged for a course, and Jakob Bejbro Andersen also teaches during a course.

Solving a problem for a fishing industry

The recently started business has already perceived an eager feedback from a fish industry. An critical emanate is how to make a accurate analysis of a shelf life of a fish. This depends on how prolonged ago a fish were caught, though also how good a fish has been stored before a auction. The longer shelf life a fish has left a some-more value it has for a dealers – so a accurate measuring of a mutation of a fish is value a weight in gold.
“We have been in hit with Hirtshals fish auction,” relates Alina Ciobanu, CEO and Strategic partnerships patron merger of Fishent, “as good as Hanstholm and Gilleleje fish auctions. We got a really certain response, only as we had hoped for, and we were reliable in a perspective that we have selected a right approach for a project. When we contend “positive response”, we meant in propinquity to a value a product can emanate during a fish market, in Denmark and globally.”

A sum of 33 new businesses presented their simple ideas and business skeleton during Spin Out Day in DTU Skylab. The categories were DTU Homegrown, Data and IoT Technology, Energy and Sustainability, Sensors and Diagnostics, Home and Health Technology and Process Technology.

Source: DTU