Frost & Sullivan honors DERMALOG with biometrics esteem for achievements in Africa

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The consulting association Frost Sullivan has awarded Germany’s largest biometrics manufacturer DERMALOG and a customized solutions and products for Africa with a “2015 African Biometrics Company of a Year Award”. DERMALOG is quite successful with a vast bank designation in Nigeria.

The biometric designation from DERMALOG has successfully purebred over 18 million bank business in Nigeria

The biometric designation from DERMALOG has successfully purebred over 18 million bank business in Nigeria


In South Africa’s mercantile hub, a German biometrics manufacturer DERMALOG was respected with a “2015 African Biometrics Company of a Year Award”. The esteem was awarded to a Hamburg-based association for a superb achievements in twenty African countries. DERMALOG has so turn a heading biometrics association in Africa.

A pivotal reason for a endowment is also a innovative portfolio of fingerprint scanners and biometric systems from DERMALOG. In countries such as Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, it contributes sustainably and decisively to elucidate internal hurdles such as temperament theft, corruption, demography, and emigration as good as a mercantile growth of these countries.

In Nigeria, DERMALOG now cooperates with a Central Bank and 23 other banks in a vital plan in that all bank business in a nation are purebred around DERMALOG biometrics. Customers accept a bank corroboration series with that all of their exchange can be finished firmly and reliably around fingerprint. In 2013, DERMALOG won an general proposal from a Nigerian Central Bank for a 50-million-dollar project.

Meanwhile, a biometric designation from DERMALOG has successfully purebred over 18 million business in Nigeria. So far, approximately 10,000 double identities and mixed registrations have been averted each day, thereby preventing rascal and income laundering in a financial zone interjection to a trustworthiness of a installation. The DERMALOG ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) has rescued over one million people attempting to obtain double or mixed identities. Using DERMALOG fingerprint scanners and software, all participating banks can safeguard that for all transactions, a temperament reliably matches a patron since a patron contingency always be physically benefaction for a registration.

The Hamburg-based biometrics creation personality is stability to build on a success in a West African country. In a nearby future, purebred bank business will also be means to repel money from ATMs and compensate during money machines regulating their fingerprints.

DERMALOG Identification Systems, that is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is a largest German biometrics manufacturer and one of a world’s heading companies for biometric identification. Engineers and mechanism scientists are ceaselessly building new and innovative products. The product portfolio ranges from biometric limit control to biometric ID cards to new “FingerLogin” and “FingerPayment” solutions. In further to Germany and Europe, a vital markets of DERMALOG embody Africa, Asia, Latin America, and a Middle East.

In Germany, DERMALOG has granted over 20,000 fingerprint scanners to registration offices and immigration authorities. Fingerprints are so stored in new passports, ID cards, and chateau permits. DERMALOG has duration delivered an additional 150,000 fingerprint scanners to over 70 countries. Large ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) installations from DERMALOG have been delivered to some-more than 130 bureaucratic business worldwide.

DERMALOG also provides solutions to banks and ATM manufacturers such as Wincor Nixdorf, that has supposing worldwide some-more than 1,000 ATMs with fingerprint record from DERMALOG, thereby replacing a reduction secure PIN.

Source: APO