Frustrated Mom Takes on Comcast

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A undone mom motionless to take on Comcast for bad patron use and refused to give adult until a issues were resolved. According to her post on YouTube, she creatively called Comcast to solve internet use issues and was given a run around by a technician and told that there was not most he could do. She after called Baltimore Gas and Electric, a electric provider, when she beheld issues with wiring. The BGE technician sensitive her that Comcast had bending adult a outside handle dump box to a electric scale and warned her to hit Comcast immediately as this was bootleg and also dangerous.

She proceeded to call Comcast to repair a problem and was put on reason for prolonged durations of time and upheld from chairman to chairman on a phone. Over a duration of a few weeks, appointments were set adult to presumably repair a issue, though Comcast regularly unsuccessful to uncover up. When she would call interrogation as to since no one showed up, she was told that an appointment had never been made. When she would direct to pronounce to a supervisor, she was told that no one was accessible to pronounce with her and listened this each time she called. The undone mom refused to give adult and headed to a internal association headquarters, where she was told to record an central censure and hit a Better Business Bureau and a FCC in that this patron use or miss there of was inexcusable.

After she filed a complaint, finally a tech showed adult and bound a issue, though proceeded to cut a residence belligerent handle and stole a outside write box cover. When questioned about it, a tech denied any involvement. The mom called Comcast again to protest and when she mentioned how her residence could blow adult if not taken caring of, she regularly listened how a deputy accepted her quandary though there was zero he or she could do. After filing another censure and countless phone calls and technicians again not display adult for appointments, someone finally came out and remade a emanate that Comcast had caused.  Comcast

In a video, a mom forked out how it was absurd that she has been a patron for over twenty years and has perceived such bad patron service. She combined that all she wanted was to be done a priority and to have her conditions resolved, generally since it was dangerous for her family and home. Check out a video next and watch this undone mom take on Comcast.

By Heather Granruth


YouTube: Mom Vs Comcast Customer Service

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