Functional Map of a World Challenge

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Intelligence analysts, routine makers, and initial responders around a universe rest on geospatial land use information to surprise essential decisions about tellurian invulnerability and charitable activities. Historically, analysts have manually identified and personal geospatial information by comparing and examining satellite images, yet that routine is time immoderate and deficient to support disaster response.

The Functional Map of a World (fMoW) Challenge seeks to encourage breakthroughs in a programmed investigate of beyond imagery by harnessing a common energy of a tellurian information scholarship and appurtenance training communities. The plea will tell one of a largest publicly accessible satellite-image datasets to date, with some-more than one million points of seductiveness from around a world. The dataset contains satellite-specific metadata that researchers can feat to build a rival algorithm that classifies facility, building, and land use.

Be Part of a Innovation

IARPA is conducting this Challenge to entice a broader investigate village of attention and academia, with or but knowledge in low training and resource prophesy analysis, to attend in a convenient, fit and non-contractual way. Participants will rise algorithms that indicate satellite information to brand functions formed on mixed anxiety sources, such as beyond and ground-based images, digital betterment data, existent well-understood picture collections, aspect geology, geography, and informative information. The goals and objectives of this Challenge are to:

  • Promote and benchmark low training applications for geospatial data
  • Stimulate several communities to rise and raise automation for image/video geolocation data
  • Cultivate and means an ongoing collaborative village dedicated to this record and research


Begins Jul 13, 2017Participants will register for a plea at

Datasets Training

Jul – Sep 2017IARPA will recover a point-of-interest sequence library and picture sets as training information by an AWS Public Data Set. Released in dual batches, a library will embody 62 pre-defined categories, and a final picture set will enclose 1,000,000 “chips,” any with a bounding box around an unclear indicate of interest. Participants will adjust their neural networks and rise algorithms formed on a data, and a visualizer will be supposing to exam a solutions. A pre-trained indication and baseline will be accessible to start a training process.

The information is available via Requestor Pays in dual versions:

  • RGB JPG Data Set: arn:aws:s3:::fmow-rgb | s3://fmow-rgb
  • Multispectral TIFF Data Set: arn:aws:s3:::fmow-full | s3://fmow-full

A full set of AWS CLI resources can be found here:
Some instance commands seem below:

There is a manifest.json.bz2 file in any bucket that can be downloaded to get a json that lists everyfile in a bucket

  • aws s3api get-object –bucket fmow-rgb –key manifest.json.bz2 –request-payer requester
  • aws s3api get-object –bucket fmow-full –key manifest.json.bz2 –request-payer requester

Commands like these can be used to get a office listing

  • aws s3 ls s3://fmow-rgb –request-payer requester
  • aws s3 ls s3://fmow-full –request-payer requester

Challenge Opens

Sep 2017Once a provisional scoring resource and leaderboard are released, a plea will be strictly open. Provisional scores will be posted to a plea leaderboard, and participants will have a event to retune their algorithms to boost accuracy. All participants will have entrance to IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix for 90 days during a plea (though these are not compulsory and we acquire all forms of solutions for a challenge). The tip 10 participants will have entrance to AWS cloud computing resources for 10 days during this phase.

Final Submission

Dec 2017The plea acquiescence duration will end. The final measure shown on a Provisional leaderboard during a finish of a plea will be used to establish solver rankings going into a final evaluation. The tip 10 algorithms will be scored opposite a dark information set, and a tip scoring solutions will be certified by a IARPA group for award. Final scores will be posted to a leaderboard on Topcoder and common by central IARPA communications.

Awards Recognition

Feb 2018The plea winners will be invited to benefaction their solutions to IARPA and other pivotal leaders in a Government during a seminar in Washington, DC, and money awards will be distributed to winners. Final open communication about winners will take place during this day-long workshop.

Participants will be authorised to win money prizes from a sum esteem purse of $100,000. Additionally, tip winners will get a possibility to benefaction their winning solutions during a seminar in Washington, D.C. Prizes will be distributed for a following criteria:


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