Funny Boyfriend Makes Dramatic Commercial To Sell Girlfriend’s Used Car

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Saying goodbye to your aged automobile can be as tough as interruption ways with an aged friend, though infrequently you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to pierce on to bigger and improved things.

But when it came time for his partner to sell her ’96 Honda Accord, this over-the-top beloved motionless to emanate a hilariously thespian blurb for a used car. While it competence be a tough sell to try and get buyers meddlesome in a 21-year-old automobile with over 140,000 miles on it, this man crafted an epic blurb that would give a folks during Lexus a run for their money. With his partner portion as a star of a show, a minute-long ad is a mix of inside closeups and beyond worker shots showcasing all a automobile has to offer.

Did we forget to discuss that it’s most a take during only $499?


Honestly, we feel like we need this automobile now. This is being additional during the comprehensive finest.