Funny Video Shows Romantic Drone Footage Gone Wrong When Drone Crashes Into Couple

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Nothing says intrigue utterly like a travel on a beach with your sweetheart, examination a sunset…that is until a worker scarcely takes out your poignant other.

This is a waggish impulse a integrate was holding in a nightfall while concurrently capturing some overwhelming footage with a drone. However, a male didn’t utterly calculate a arena of a drifting menace, causing a worker to disintegrate to a ground, though not before konking his partner in a behind of a head.

Thankfully both a lady and a worker were left unscathed, and a worker was even means to constraint some overwhelming aerial footage. I’d call that a win-win.

(via Daily Mail)

Can we suppose if this had finished differently? Imagine carrying to explain to people that your partner pennyless things off since we strike her in a conduct with a hulk square of drifting metal. Too funny!