Galileo seen in space

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This picture was prisoner by Marco Langbroek, Leiden, The Netherlands, on 11 Sep 2015.

It shows a Fregat top theatre carrying Galileo satellites 9 10 over Northern Europe, after subdivision from Soyuz launcher VS12, only 22 mins after lift off from ESA’s Spaceport in Kourou.

Fregat seen in space

Marco writes:

This is a multiple of 4 images taken between 02:30:12 to 02:30:16 UT (4:30:12-4:30:16 CEST), taken only after shade exit. The picture was done from a Cronesteyn Polder during a dilemma of Leiden regulating my Canon EOS 60D and an EF 2.5/50mm Macro lens.

View instruction is towards a Northeast. In a reduce left dilemma are stars from a front duke of Ursa major.

Conditions were mediocre: a sky was a bit hazy, that in my civic sourroundings means some-more difficulty with light wickedness (the orange heat on a image). The Fregat top theatre was but easy to see with a exposed eye after shade exit during about 40 degrees elevation, attaining a liughtness of bulk +2 (about as splendid as a Big Dipper stars). Descending towards a setting it fast got fainter until we mislaid it in a multiple of mist and light wickedness about a notation later.

Thank we for sharing! See some-more of Marco’s astro-photography work via:

Image Copyright/Credit: (C) 2015 M. Langbroek

Source: ESA Rocket Science blog