Game of Thrones Season Eight Scripts Are Finished

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The seventh deteriorate of Game of Thrones might have only begun, yet that’s not interlude people from articulate about a eighth and final season. HBO announced yesterday that a scripts are all in, yet there is no calendar set nonetheless for when a uncover will start filming, or even air.

During a Television Critics Association’s summer press debate HBO programming head Casey Bloys told a press that a 6 scripts for a final deteriorate are in, yet they are perplexing to figure out a logistics of filming them. He said “It’s a large season, so they’re perplexing to get a clarity of how prolonged they’re going to take to film this.” As fans are aware, a latest deteriorate was behind since a story line of a array has strike winter, and HBO had to wait for a sleet to tumble before they could start filming. The same is some-more than expected loyal for a eighth season, that could see a final deteriorate not airing until 2019. 

Game of Thrones typically starts airing in April, yet this year it didn’t start until Jul interjection to a late prolongation of a season. Even yet a seventh deteriorate is most shorter in sum array of episodes, a episodes themselves are longer, including a culmination that has a runtime of 82 minutes. For a final deteriorate it’s rumoured that a episodes will continue a trend of being longer, with a altogether array culmination probable carrying a underline film length runtime. At a impulse yet there is no reliable length for any episode, and even Bloys settled that “Two hours per part seems like it would be excessive, yet it’s a good show, so who knows?”




“Game of Thrones” front Sundays during 9 p.m. on HBO.