Gary Trites Not Guilty in Toddler Sexual Assault Case

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Gary Trites
The outcome is not guilty. Refreshing difference to a male who has confirmed his ignorance from a beginning. According to a papers filed with a court, Gary J. Trites of Williamsburg, Virginia, aged 34, was charged with intent passionate invasion and child abuse in Dec 2013. The charges were a outcome of an review into a injuries postulated by a 22-month-old baby lady who was cared for by him. Investigators unclosed that Trites had been left alone with a toddler for dual days, when her mom beheld a injuries on picking her up, fixation him underneath suspicion. However, it all finished when Trites was found not guilty in a toddler passionate attack box on Wednesday, Sep 23, in Williamsburg, according to The Virginia Gazette.

The dais hearing presided over by Judge Michael McGinty started on Sept. 10, 2015, and by a finish of a day, a charge had finished presenting a case. However, a invulnerability could usually furnish one witness, and apparently, a solitary declare for Trites would not be accessible to attest on a subsequent day. This stirred a continuation of a hearing until today, according to the office of a county clerk.

The charge presented a box formed on a hearing of a toddler, whose injuries enclosed outlines and bruises on her ears, forehead, genitals, legs, and chin. Furthermore, no other adult had identical entrance to a child during those few days, that led investigators to assume that Trites was responsible.

In a dais trial, there is no jury since a decider determines a outcome of a case. Trites was being hold during Virginia Regional Peninsula Jail and was expelled after his acquittal. Although he could not be reached for comment, Trites used a Facebook post to contend he was innocent.

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The Virginia Gazette: WJCC Judge Finds Trites Not Guilty in Toddler Sex Assault Case
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