Get Alicia Vikander’s Hooded Jacket Look From “Tomb Raider”

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Photo: IMDB 

In a new movement crack Tomb Raider, Swedish singer Alicia Vikander steals a shade as femme fatale and protagonist Lara Croft. With 2017 imprinting a year of kickass heading ladies such as Wonder Woman, we are positively gratified to see a trend continue this year. As a irritable Lara Croft, 29-year-old Vikander suits a purpose with her tight-fitting, subtly voluptuous on-screen wardrobe. Our eyes are drawn to this sold rebel black leather bomber, that Vikander’s impression has interconnected with a dim hoodie. If we wish to gold adult during a Mar chill (and channel Lara Croft vibes yourself), it might be inestimable to pull your cues from a star. Here are a few desirous jackets that will assistance we master a Tomb Raider demeanour today.

VearFit Funterium Hooded Black Genuine Leather Jacket, $245: This textured leather topper facilities a curve-hugging fit and a built-in hood. The quilted panels also assistance to move some impression to a classical jacket, and move a streetwise vibe to a design.

Soia Kyo Allison Leather Jacket, $750: With a sweatshirt hood, this coupler from Canadian tag Soia Kyo positively has a infrequent nonetheless extreme Lara Croft feel. For a finishing touch, a moto collar and resisting china studs assistance to supplement visible interest.

Munderingskompagniet Hooded Jacket, $817: Although it is done from sheepskin, this coupler is minute with a lax string hood. Unlike a some-more normal leather bomber, this square looks a bit some-more like a windbreaker, for an tractable take on a leather outerwear trend.