Get Charlize Theron’s Regal Beauty Look From “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

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Photos: IMDB

As Ravenna in director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan’s new film The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Charlize Theron stars as an evil queen who rules the mystical kingdom of Tabor. With her menacing yet regal poise, Ravenna manages to look both elegant and intimidating on the silver screen. If you’re admiring her intricate hairstyle and flawless makeup, here’s how to achieve her beauty statement for a breathtaking femme fatale look.


1) Apply light coverage foundation for a glowing visage: To get Ravenna’s enviable complexion, start by using a kabuki brush to apply a lightweight liquid foundation to your skin. If needed, apply concealer to hide any blemishes or undereye circles.

2) Line your eyes with dark brown eyeliner and create a smokey eye: Next, bring a sophisticated yet sultry effect to your visage by using dark brown eyeliner to emphasize your eyes. For a seductive finish, craft a perfect smokey eye look by subtly blending in a variety of soft bronze, copper and brown shadows. If you have light or sparse brows, you can also use brown brow powder to create defined arches.

3) Complete your look with a light pink lip colour and peachy blush: For a perfectly feminine finishing touch, stick to an au naturel lip colour in a shade of light pink. Next, enhance your cheekbones with a light peach-toned blush, in order to keep the focus on your fierce smudged eye makeup.


We are loving the look of Ravenna’s elaborated braided bun. To master a similar effect, start off by pulling your straight, sleek locks back into a half-up and half-down hairstyle. Pin the front section of your tresses up with a hairstyling clip, and separate the back of your locks into a two ponytails on top of each other. Next, braid the lower ponytail and wrap this into a rolled low bun. Plait a surrounding thin section of hair into a pancaked braid, and secure this into the hair bun. Use bobby pins to hold your hairstyle in place, and repeat this process for the other side of your head. Incorporate this into your bun, and keep braiding and wrapping the remaining segments of your hair. Use your fingers to loosen the plaited segments, and leave a few wispy tendrils flowing free for a gorgeous, soft effect.