Get Evangeline Lilly’s Edgy Bob And Red Lips From “Ant-Man”

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Photos: Ant-Man on IMDB

In Peyton Reed’s new crack Ant-Man (which hits theatres today), 35-year-old Canadian singer Evangeline Lilly stars as a beautiful Hope outpost Dyne. As Hope, Lilly plays a intelligent, worldly daughter of dual superheroes- and looks any in. a partial on a large screen!

While we’re vehement about her refreshing new movement role, we’re also coveting Lilly’s pointy brunette bob, flawless skin and moist red lipstick from a film. If you’re aiming to channel your middle Hope, here’s how to duplicate her hair and makeup for a superheroine beauty statement.


Beauty lovers with prolonged thatch can pin straightened tresses into a mistake incline to embrace a demeanour of Lilly’s stylish character. Start off with hair divided and tied into dual low pigtails. Next, kindly hurl any pigtail into a loop, and reason in place with constable pins. Repeat this step for a other side as well, and use additional pins to secure longer, thicker thatch in place. For additional polish, finish your demeanour with a high reason finishing mist to say your present new bob.


1) To emanate a glowing, healthy complexion, request an educational glass substructure with a kabuki brush.

2) Apply cream-based concealer to censor dim circles and grasp well-spoken skin, in sequence to showcase your makeup look.

3) Enhance your eyes by adding brownish-red eye pencil and formulating a pointed smokey eye with a brew of light brownish-red and grey powder eyeshadows.

4) To duplicate Hope outpost Dyne’s extreme nonetheless delicate impertinence colour, easily request flushed red-pink glow along your cheekbones.

5) Finish off your classical beauty matter with cherry red lipstick to stress your intense skin and trenchant eyes.