Getting Stuck In Trees Isn’t Just For Cats Anymore, As These Firefighters Found Out

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Firefighters are used to rescuing frightened cats from high trees, though what about dogs?

When a Plattsmouth Fire Department in Nebraska got a call one night about a 120-pound dog stranded 20 feet adult in a tree, they suspicion for certain it was a prank. They were a small bit repelled when they incited adult during a stage to find Kora, a Great Dane, sitting high adult in a tree, looking down during them with her big, splendid eyes.

After a bit of brainstorming, a group of firefighters were finally means to reduce Kora from a tree regulating a rope, a ladder, and a military dog harness. Several feet from a ground, Kora’s weight snapped her restraints, though a few dauntless volunteers were there to locate her with a large tarp.


Although she was a small cold after all that time in a tree, Kora wasn’t harm and was happy to be down, using true for a residence once she was on plain ground.

Hopefully, she’ll leave tree climbing to cats from now on.