Give all info on Priyanka Vadra’s land squeeze in 10 days, says HP state info commission

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Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh State Information Commission currently deserted a row that information per squeeze of land by Priyanka Vadra can't be given for confidence reasons, and destined the concerned authorities to yield all information in this courtesy to an RTI romantic within 10 days.

RTI romantic Debasheesh Bhattacharya had sought information about a land purchased by Priyanka during Chharabra, 12-Km from here, though a information was refused by Public Information Office that confirmed that it can't be divulged for confidence reasons as she was a SPG protectee.

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The Appellate Authority (the Deputy Commissioner) also deserted a appeal.

The RTI romantic had filed interest with a State information Commission multiplication bench, comprising Chief Information Commissioner Bhim Sen and Information Commissioner K.D. Batish, that destined a Additional District Magistrate, Shimla, to give a information within 10 days.

The Commission also released notice to a Deputy Commissioner and a ADM that because chastisement should not be imposed on them for loitering a information and bound next hearing on Jul 23 next.

Priyanka Vadra is constructing a residence nearby Chharabra and had purchased over 4.25 Bighas of land between 2007 and 2013 in an purported decrease of territory 118 of Tenancy and Land  Reforms Act that bars any non-agriculturist from purchasing land without a accede of a government.