Glaucoma can now be treated with a elementary injection, contend eye doctors

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London: Glaucoma, an eye illness that indemnification a ocular haughtiness and can outcome in prophesy detriment and blindness, can now be treated with a elementary injection, eye surgeons have said.

In glaucoma, eye vigour plays a purpose in deleterious a ocular nerve.

Representation image. ReutersRepresentation image. Reuters

Representation image. Reuters

A new record grown by a US-based association relieves a vigour in a eye with a minimally invasive method, so doing divided with a need for scalpels and stitches, a experts noted.

It involves regulating a hypodermic needle to inject a little open drainage tube into a eye, permitting additional liquid to upsurge out, a Daily Mail reported.

The Xen Gel Stent grown by California-based AqueSys Inc is 6 mm prolonged and about a breadth of a tellurian hair. It is injected by a tiny self-sealing corneal rent regulating a simple, preloaded injector.

It was “quicker and safer” than stream methods, Vik Sharma, a consultant eye surgeon during a Royal Free Hospital in London, was quoted as saying.

But a XEN Gel Stent is an investigational device, that means it has not been authorized by a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yet.

The stream proceed in a government of patients with glaucoma starts with drugs followed by laser surgery, or trabeculectomy, a diagnosis that frequently involves installing a tiny firm tube in a eye to empty it.

This is trustworthy to a steel image embedded next a eye, that helps pull a liquid away. The eye contingency be cut to insert these comparatively massive items, and stitched adult again, that leads to a high snarl rate.

By comparison, a Xen Gel Stent is delivered directly around a hypodermic needle into a eye that has intensity to reduce complications rate compared to normal methods.