Go find out now if Cambridge Analytica had entrance to your data

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Facebook betrothed it would warning users yesterday who were impacted by a whole Cambridge Analytica mess. No doubt you’ve been watchful on that information given a whole thing crossed your radar. Well, we can possibly lay around and wait for a notification, or we can go find out yourself, by visiting this Facebook Help Center page.

The couple will let we know if we were among a 87 million or so Facebook users who had their information compromised when we or one your friends logged into a “This is Your Digital Life” app. If so, there’s a good possibility your profile, city, birthday and a pages we like were also shared.

If we were impacted, a page also records that “a tiny series of people who logged in” might have given a use entrance to their “news need, timeline, posts and messages that might have enclosed posts and messages from you.”

Of course, there’s a lot some-more information still to come from all off this — some of that will hopefully come to light when Mark Zuckerberg testifies to a Senate today.