Goa: AAP releases documents, questions Sudin Dhavalikar’s graduation claims

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Making matters worse for a BJP bloc supervision in Goa, the Aam Aadmi Party (Goa) has expelled papers proof that a Public Works Department Minister Sudin Dhavalikar’s does not have a graduation grade from Chowgule College, contrary to what he claims.

Earlier this month, AAP had supposed that Dhavalikar’s Bachelor of Science degree from Parvatibai Chowgule College (University of Mumbai) in a year 1980 was “fake”. “Dhavalikar did not finish his graduation in 1979-80 yet he claimed so in his sworn confirmation filed before a state Election Commission,” Aam Aadmi Party’s Dinesh Vaghela had pronounced during a press conference.

Sudin Dhavlikar. IBNLiveSudin Dhavlikar. IBNLive

Sudin Dhavalikar. IBNLive

In a latest  press release, AAP has mentioned that “neither a CM nor a Minister himself has given acceptable courtesy or a convincing response to a critical issue.”

“In fact, Dhavalikar has combined serve critical doubts about a statements in his confirmation by releasing a request to media on Friday supposed to be his “BSc (subsidiary) grade from 1978,” says a press release.

In response, AAP expelled a damning papers to a press on Monday.

Following are a request expelled by AAP, of that Firstpost has a copy.

1. Copy of Mr. Dhavalikar’s confirmation page display his claimed educational education and a particular years.

2. Information supposing by a Chowgule College, display a list of persons who upheld out from a college carrying finished a B.Sc. march in a pronounced year 1980, as good as prior years 1978 and 1979. Mr. Dhavalikar’s name does not seem in any of a lists.

3. Copies of marksheets from a University of Bombay display Mr. Dhavalikar’s unsuccessful attempts to answer a B.Sc. hearing in Apr 1979 and Oct 1979.

Additionally, a celebration had also listed several questions they design Dhavalikar to answer formed on those documents. These include “If Mr. Dhavalikar claims to have a “B.Sc. (subsidiary) degree” from University of Bombay in 1978, because was he still appearing for B.Sc. examinations in a year 1979?” and “Mr. Dhavalikar had settled that he upheld his S.S.C.E. in a year 1975. How did Mr. Dhavalikar managed to finish B.Sc. in usually 3 years after his SSCE?”

Dhavalikar had pronounced he performed a B.Sc. grade from South Goa’s Parvatibai Chowgule College (then dependent to a University of Mumbai) in a educational year 1979-80, in his sworn confirmation submitted to a internal choosing commission authority.

The AAP, that was forced to dump Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar from a Delhi cupboard following identical accusations about a feign degree, pronounced a celebration had pronounced it had justification to advise that Dhavalikar did not finish his graduation. AAP had also pronounced that they will give the apportion 24 hours to respond or else it would record a military complaint.

While this matter was expelled on Thursday (18 June), a papers have been expelled usually on 22 June. The supervision and  Dhavalikar have not responded to a papers during a time this was being written.

Below are a papers expelled by a Aam Aadmi Party.


Affidavit.pdf by Firstpost

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1978

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1978.pdf by Firstpost

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1979 Pg 1

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1979 Pg 1.pdf by Firstpost

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1979 Pg 2

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1979 Pg 2.pdf by Firstpost

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1980

ChowguleCollegeList – BSc 1980.pdf by Firstpost

Marksheet – Apr 1979

Marksheet – Apr 1979.pdf by Firstpost

Marksheet – Oct 1979

Marksheet – Oct 1979.pdf by Firstpost