Gold and Silver: Arbitrage Opportunities for You to Pounce On

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Gold and Silver: Arbitrage Opportunities for You to Pounce On

Gold and Silver: Arbitrage Opportunities for You to Pounce On

Jayant Bhandari, an institutional investment confidant to a youth mining market, is like a leopard secretly scanning for marketplace inefficiencies that will make his clients some-more money. The many earnest arbitrage situations—trades that feat cost differences between identical financial instruments—come about as a outcome of takeover bids, while others occur when a company’s shares trade significantly subsequent a income on hand. In this speak with The Gold Report, Bhandari shares arbitrage opportunities he’s stalking and some association stories with government teams that he thinks are tighten to perfect.

The Gold Report: In a new article, we argued that investors in a West will find their approach to bullion when a new existence dawns on them that losing a bit of income to reserve a rest is “a good deal.” Please explain further.

Jayant Bhandari: What has to occur does not have to occur right away. Everyone in a universe is flocking to a U.S. dollar. It offers liquidity, though eventually a U.S. dollar will spin too expensive. When that starts function people will demeanour for other opportunities to guarantee what they own, and bullion is something that will spin increasingly visible.

TGR: How prolonged is a US dollar going to continue a ride?

JB: The U.S. dollar could do good for utterly a duration of time since while a U.S. is sinking, all else is falling faster. The European Union is in worse shape. Most of a building countries, detached from China, are in terrible shape. They devour flattering many all that they create. The U.S. dollar, notwithstanding all that is going on, stays one of a improved currencies.

TGR: You also describe bullion shopping to how in India people buy bullion and cattle—not indispensably since these are glorious investments though rather that these things will eventually remove reduction value than other investments.

JB: A lot of people buy bullion since of acceleration though we don’t consider that’s a reason since Indians, people in a Middle East and people historically in China have bought gold. As we mentioned in that article, a lapse from 300 million cattle in India is about reduction 50–70%, depending on a kind of cattle. People deposition in disastrous produce investments since they have few options in these societies. But that is what’s increasingly function in a West. It started with a European bond market. This morning we see Swiss holds trade during a disastrous yield, that tells me that this multitude is no longer charity people opportunities to make income by investing. When that starts function people do what they have to do to guarantee whatever they can safeguard.

TGR: You benefaction a receptive evidence for shopping and holding gold. Yet we buy and sell changed metals equities, mostly small-cap bullion and china equities, that lift some-more risk than owning gold. Why are we active in this space?

JB: The reason I’m in a youth bullion equity marketplace has roughly zero to do with gold per se. These are dual opposite beasts: bullion is bullion and bullion equities and bullion mining is a business. When we deposition in a mining association or a youth mining company, we assume a unequivocally low bullion price, something generally reduce than a mark price, and afterwards we do a gratefulness formed on that price. Now, when we enter a bullion marketplace we assume that bullion will go adult and if bullion indeed goes adult it will trigger a aloft gratefulness of these equities. we am increasingly some-more confident about bullion and as a outcome we consider this will underpin an boost in shopping volume and investment in a youth mining space.

TGR: Is a youth mining marketplace mostly undervalued given stream steel prices or is it sincerely valued?

JB: There are still lots of invalid companies in a youth market, many of that are “lifestyle” companies. Yet a marketplace tumble has resulted in a tumble in a share prices of some unequivocally good companies, too. That’s where a destiny value is and where income will be made.

TGR: What do we meant by lifestyle companies?

JB: Junior mining companies exist in an engaging space. The CEO mostly decides his salary, losses and what kind of burden he wants. If he chooses, he radically has a association credit label to live a life that he wants, and regulations can't assistance we there since as prolonged as they are expenses, and a CEO signs off on those, they are legally legitimate. This is a lifestyle company.

TGR: In a opposite opinion square on we wrote, “The genuine problem with a youth mining attention is that investors have mislaid faith in those who run these companies.” Are we peaceful to name some government crew that we still have faith in?

JB: The mining attention as a whole has finished a horrible pursuit of formulating value for investors. Over a final 15 years a bullion cost has left adult 4 or 5 times, though a share prices of many of these companies is reduce than it was when bullion was $250 an ounce. However, some government teams have finished a good job. One name is Ross Beaty, who has consistently combined value for investors. Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. (OR:TSX) is operative on an entity called Oban Mining Corp. (OBM:TSX), that is in a routine of merging with Eagle Hill Exploration Corp. (EAG:TSX.V), Ryan Gold Corp. (RYG:TSX.V), and Corona Gold Corp. (CRG:TSX). we have famous Oban President and CEO Jose Vizquerra for a prolonged time. Oban has a fanciful organisation of efficient people who can simply lift money, even in this market. The new association will have about $65–75 million ($65–75M) in cash. This is an ideal matrimony of companies with projects and technical skills with companies with cash. Corona Gold and Ryan Gold are cash-rich companies. Oban, meanwhile, is corroborated by some of a best technically competent people in Canada.

Another association is Callinex Mines Inc. (CNX:TSX.V; CLLXF:OTCQX), that is run by President and CEO Max Porterfield and Chairman Mike Muzylowski. The association is corroborated by some good financiers and recently lifted about $3.4M for a cavalcade program.

First Majestic Silver Corp. (FR:TSX; AG:NYSE; FMV:FSE), that has finished a accessible takeover bid for SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SVL:TSX; SVLC:NYSE.MKT), is run by President and CEO Keith Neumeyer, who also helped found a company. He’s finished a good pursuit and has started another association called First Mining Finance Corp. (FF:TSX.V).

Novo Resources Corp. (NVO:TSX.V; NSRPF:OTCQX) is a association in Australia with a unequivocally tiny though high-margin bullion deposition run by President and CEO Quinton Hennigh. AndMinaurum Gold Inc. (MGG:TSX.V), run by President and CEO Darrell Rader, has lifted about $2.875M and is about to start scrutiny drilling. There are lots of good companies in a space, even today.

TGR: What are some red flags for we when you’re operative out youth mining association valuations?

JB: I customarily spend one or dual hours articulate face to face with management. we have seen again and again that a lot of decent people handling youth mining companies are radically financially illiterate. You wish people who know a business though who are also decent people. It takes a while to get an bargain of how they routine information. we wish to see if they are receptive people. If they speak receptive things with me, I’m disposed to presumption that they are honest people. Honesty is customarily a best approach to emanate a name for yourself and make money. we have certainty giving my income to such government people in a wish that they will do a good pursuit with it.

TGR: Most people don’t have a event to lay and speak with management. How do they get this information?

JB: You don’t always have to lay with a government or revisit a property, though we should customarily buy these companies regulating a worst-case valuation. For example, if my worst-case gratefulness of a association is $1/share and we can buy shares in that association for about $0.20, afterwards maybe we have adequate domain of reserve not to have to revisit a plan or accommodate a management. But we still need to be pretty certain about a open form of such government teams.

TGR: What are some common errors finished by youth mining investors?

JB: People deposition though unequivocally meaningful what they are doing. They consider that a $0.05 batch is cheaper than a $0.50 stock. That’s totally irrational. You have to greaten a share cost by a shares outstanding, and that is presumption that a dual companies have accurately a same kind of projects. Other people over-glorify association management. Do not design government to spin around a impossible. Try to rationally value these projects. Try to know where these projects are situated, possibly they are economic, and possibly a locals approve of a plan in that area. we was looking during a plan in Argentina. It’s a fanciful plan with fanciful class though a locals are totally opposite it, so it will expected never be a mine. There’s a array of things we should know and bond and afterwards make a worst-case gratefulness on these companies before we invest.

TGR: Anything else?

JB: Patience is big. Don’t follow a stock. we have seen feeding frenzies in this marketplace and that arrange of activity will eventually return. When a feeding frenzy starts people don’t consider in terms of valuations. They omit things like jurisdictions, that are also important. A plan in a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contra a identical plan in Canada would have totally opposite risk profiles and so totally opposite valuations. Investors should always try to know what is underpinning a valuations of these stocks, kingship structure, taxation structure and how many income will go to internal governments. All these costs should be factored into a valuation.

TGR: What bonus do we use for a high-risk nation like a DRC contra a low-risk nation like Canada or a United States?

JB: I typically use a 20% bonus rate and use metals prices that are reduce than mark prices.

TGR: Did we use a 20% bonus rate when a markets were improved in, say, 2010?

JB: No, though by not doing that we stayed vested in a marketplace when we should have left a marketplace in 2011. We all make mistakes though if a attention is trade during a bonus rate of 5% or even in a future, we will no longer be invested in a youth mining space.

TGR: In opposite articles we have pronounced we design 20% earnings from your youth mining equity investments. How did we establish that number?

JB: It’s a unequivocally unsure business. Unfortunately, investing in any kind of batch marketplace is unsure since you’re handing your income to someone we don’t indispensably know. My altogether lapse in a portfolio will be many reduction than 20%, though a 20% leads to a shopping preference for me. That’s how we built my portfolio.

TGR: Once a association has appreciated 20%, do we sell?

JB: No, we competence not sell until many later. My offered is motionless by a kind of bonus rate a marketplace is regulating to value projects. I’m going to buy formed on a 20% bonus rate, though we intend to sell regulating a gratefulness formed on a 5% bonus rate—if a marketplace is regulating a 5% bonus rate to value projects.

TGR: You have created that 5th class math skills are sufficient to be a successful financier in a youth mining space. You even advise holding a spreadsheet and plugging in some numbers to assistance investors figure things out. Please take us by that process.

JB: It’s extraordinary how elementary math can make we a lot of income in a youth mining industry. There are dual shells that are arbitrage situations formed on cash. One is Kobex Capital Corp. (KXM:TSX.V). It’s trade during $0.54/share though has about $0.70/share in cash. Another bombard association is Probe Metals Inc. (PRB:TSX.V), that is trade during $0.36/share though has $0.51/share in cash.

There is also an engaging arbitrage conditions in a partnership of CB Gold Inc. (CBJ:TSX.V) by Batero Gold Corp. (BAT:TSX.V). CB Gold is trade during $0.045. For any share of CB Gold we will get $0.0275 in income and 0.3056 shares of Batero Gold. Remember, during $0.075/share, Batero is trade during scarcely a 50% bonus to a income value, providing an early financier another proviso of upside formed on income value. Just be aware that CB Gold is unequivocally illiquid and we cite to give customarily extent orders. If we skip a trade, there will always be some-more opportunities entrance adult to be exploited.

Another arbitrage event is First Majestic Silver merging with SilverCrest Mines. At a stream share prices there’s a 4% arbitrage opportunity, though if we buy SilverCrest there’s a probability that a improved takeover offer competence come for SilverCrest, in that box you’ll not customarily position yourself to advantage from a arbitrage opportunity, though maybe advantage from a honeyed takeover bid for SilverCrest.

TGR: Do we consider First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer would get into a behest war?

JB: He competence actually, though as a SilverCrest shareholder we have zero to remove possibly way. My theory is that a partnership will go by and I’ll make 4% in arbitrage, though this is truly another ideal marriage. First Majestic needs income and SilverCrest has additional cash. This is a box where dual and dual is some-more than four.

TGR: Are there others?

JB: PNO Resources Ltd. (PNOPF:OTCMKTS) and Sandspring Resources Ltd. (SSP:TSX.V) are merging. Sandspring’s share cost is $0.07. The value of PNO Resources formed on a partnership ratio is $0.195. However, PNO is trade during $0.15/share, so there is about 30% arbitrage upside. This is truly primary propagandize math. People should be doing this.

Alpha Exploration Inc. (AEX:TSX.V) is merging with Lakeland Resources Inc. (LK:TSX.V). The arbitrage upside is tighten to 50%. The risk is that a arbitrage upside competence get dissolved by a time a partnership is over and we can’t brief possibly entity. My clients are meddlesome in these kinds of situations. That’s how we am surviving.

TGR: Are there any arbitrage situations outward a changed metals equities space?

JB: Sprott Asset Management has finished a antagonistic takeover pierce around a Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS:NYSE.MKT; PHY.U:TSX) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV:NYSE.MKT; PHS.U:TSX) to acquire Central Gold Trust (GTU:NYSE; GTU.UN:TSX)and Silver Bullion Trust (SBT.U:TSX). Sprott Physical Gold Trust is trade tighten to a net benefaction value (NPV) since Central Gold Trust and Silver Bullion Trust are trade during about 6.5% discounts to their particular NPVs. There’s another account hold by a same organisation called Central Fund of Canada Ltd. (CEF:NYSE.MKT; CEF.A:TSX), and that is trade during an 11% bonus to NPV. By investing in these 3 supports we get bullion and china during about a 711% bonus to a mark prices for these metals. These supports customarily trade during a reward to mark metals prices in a bullish market, so we competence even make income when a bullish sourroundings returns.

TGR: You mentioned Callinex and Minaurum earlier. Those are not arbitrage situations. What do we see in those names?

JB: Callinex is run by CEO Max Porterfield, whom we have famous for roughly 10 years. The association only lifted $3.4M in an equity financing. Its Flin Flon and Pine Bay projects are tighten to HudBay Mineral Inc.’s (HBM:TSX; HBM:NYSE) 777 cave in northern Manitoba. There is a chronological apparatus not updated to stream standards and a stone could be trucked to HudBay’s 777 estimate plant. That is where we see a upside in owning Callinex Mines—it has good projects right subsequent to HudBay’s 777 mine. Callinex Mines has already started scrutiny drilling with a income it raised.

Similarly, Minaurum Gold is another tiny company. It has lifted $2.875M, corroborated by directors David Jones and Peter Megaw, who are good famous in Mexican mining circles. we have famous CEO Darrell Rader for a prolonged time. He runs things from a tiny bureau in Vancouver, so it has low ubiquitous and executive expenses. Minaurum will shortly start drilling a properties in a Guerrero Gold Belt in executive Mexico.

TGR: Minaurum is trade during around $0.075/share. What would we contend to shareholders who competence be fearful by a low share price?

JB: Unfortunately this has been a problem with early-stage scrutiny companies. Their share prices have depressed a lot. Minaurum was trade during some-more than $0.60/share though that doesn’t indispensably change a valuations of a projects. When other people are just in a stock, we get some-more vehement about a batch since we should be shopping when others are selling.

TGR: Are there other companies we would like to speak about today?

JB: I am on a house of a association called Gold Canyon Resources Inc. (GCU:TSX.V). Gold Canyon has 4.4 million unit (4.4 Moz) Indicated bullion deposition in Canada. Another 0.7 Moz is in a Inferred category. At a share cost of $0.115, my perspective is that it’s one of a cheapest bullion companies in a mining space today, though as I’m a non-executive executive of a company, take my perspective with a splash of salt.

TGR: Please leave us with one square of youth mining marketplace wisdom.

JB: The peculiarity of government is intensely important. In a past we have owned companies that had income value three, 4 or 5 times some-more than a share cost of those companies, and over a duration of time a financially ignorant government group broken a income advantage. we no longer lure myself by investing in companies that offer me unequivocally good valuations unless a government is exceptional. That is truly a key.

TGR: Thank we for articulate with us today, Jayant.



Courtesy: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report

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