Gold And Silver Charts Clearly Indicate Market Facts

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Gold And Silver Charts Clearly Indicate Market Facts

Gold And Silver Charts Clearly Indicate Market Facts

We keep reiterating that one need not be expert, nor even conversant, in reading a draft to be means to review and conclude how charts “talk” and exhibit really transparent information. Opinions are of no consequence, regardless of how clever or differently “informed” one is about a market.

A fact is something on that people of diverging opinions can agree, during slightest within reason.  Each of a following charts contains facts, and it has always been a position that a marketplace has a possess message[s] contained in cost volume poise that has a convincing component of reason, no matter what a ability turn of one’s ability, or miss of, to review a chart.

See if we agree.

We continue to preference china purchases over bullion usually on a basement of a bullion china ratio carrying extended to a 78:1 area, where a singular unit of bullion can buy 78 oz of silver, in theory.  In speculation since there are transaction costs from a dealer.  This week, we took advantage of a ratio and exchanged some bullion for silver, on a personal level, removing 75:1 for any oz of gold.

For simplicity’s sake, we use 10 oz of bullion as a measure, and that translated into 750 oz of silver.  The vigilant over a duration of time, customarily years, is to switch behind from china into gold.  For consequence of argument, assume a ratio goes to 40:1.  That means it takes 40 oz of china to buy a singular oz of gold.  Allowing for transaction costs, assume it takes 44 oz to buy an oz of gold.  We had 750 oz, divided by 44, yields 17 oz of bullion to switch.  Our strange 10 oz has now turn 17 oz, usually from patiently watchful for changes in a ratio to occur.

We design a ratio can continue to 80:1, maybe higher, we do not know for a draft on a aloft weekly time support does not uncover any pointer of an finish to a down trend.  The reasoning, formed on significant observations from reading building marketplace activity decorated in a chart, total with logic, leads to that inevitable conclusion:  gold and china cost is expected to go lower.

SI W 23 Jan 16

The daily draft supports a diseased review for this market.  As indicated in a draft comments, a summary from a marketplace is weakness, followed by some-more debility with any flitting week and month.

When will a turnaround occur?  As we keep saying, no one knows, and for certain we do not. What we know for certain is that a marketplace will give transparent signs when and as a turnaround is developing.  For as prolonged as a summary stays constant, one contingency practice patience.  Actually, there is no choice, and those who have been desirous and attempted to collect a bottom have paid a price, depending on how headstrong one is, or a distance of one’s domain call.

SI D 23 Jan 16

What is also loyal is that intelligent income buys low and sells high, for a many part.  It is reduction critical to buy a accurate bottom or sell a accurate top, for it takes time to amass a position during lows, or discharge a position nearby highs.  However, whenever we see vast spikes in volume, we can be certain that intelligent income is on a other side of a trade.

Who is on a other side?  Weak handed traders with deficient staying power.

If intelligent income were shopping silver, below, [even yet it is usually a 20 notation intra day chart, a element is what matters], their activity, and it shows adult in increasing volume, would be nearer a lows, and positively not during a highs.  The largest volume spike that sticks out like a bruise thumb, occurred during a highs.  This is not where intelligent income would be buying.  If not buying, afterwards they contingency be selling, and weak-handed buyers are shopping into a late stages of a rally.

Confirmation occurs a few bars after when an even incomparable operation bar appears to a down side and erasing all a shopping bid from a convene to a high.  We mentioned diseased closes on a weekly draft as an denote that sellers are still in control and buyers can't reason a rally.  This 20 notation draft is an shortened time support that demonstrates this element over each time frame.  It is a summary from a marketplace that bears seeing each time.

SI 20m 23 Jan 16

This draft is an refurbish from one posted a few weeks ago.  There was no pointer of change then, and that fact has not altered to date.  Keep in mind, all of a elemental information on gold, and silver, is known.   The whole universe is wakeful of how bullish a news is, how bullish direct is relations to supply.  Yet, notwithstanding that information, a marketplace is revelation everybody who cares to compensate courtesy that those elemental factors are not what is relocating these markets.

Even if one does not know a underlying reasons, elemental or otherwise, it pays to mind what a marketplace is display and conflict accordingly.  This is still a bear market, all other news notwithstanding.  Price is a final arbiter, not one’s opinion.

GC W 23 Jan 16

If there were something certain we could contend about this chart, we would, though we cannot, and that is adequate said.

GC D 23 Jan 16




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