Gold And Silver is What You Should Trust – Do Not Expect Much Difference With Trump

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Gold And Silver is What You Should Trust  Do Not Expect Much Difference With Trump

Gold And Silver is What You Should Trust – Do Not Expect Much Difference With Trump

Obama was a “Yes, we can!” wish and change claimant that turn a low state elite’s presidential lackey.  It was Obama’s choice to sell his domestic and personal essence in portion a globalists.

History has been rather dark from a open though still in a open for those who take a time to look. The US went broke in 1933 when Roosevelt announced a Bank Holiday.  Its purpose was to discharge any and all banking autonomy and give all control over to a Federal Reserve cartel.  Every broke entity has a failure decider to manage a bankruptcy.  That pursuit went to a Secretary of a Treasury as representative for a globalists that took control over a United States.

Does anyone ever consternation given a Secretary of Treasury is always selected from Goldman Sachs?  It is a banking arm for a globalists.  As a broke entity, a corporate United States has no choice and contingency crawl to a dictates of a Treasury Secretary.  Trump has no choice.   This is one of a reasons given this nation has constantly been underneath a War Powers Act given a 1930s.  Under a War Powers Act, a Constitution is suspended, and a trainer “runs a country” by Executive Order.

Despite Trump saying that Clinton was a puppet of a Wall Street banks, most like Obama pronounced Wall Street would be hold accountable once he was elected, he proceeded to place selected Wall Street chosen bankers into high Cabinet posts.  Trump, now as president- elect, is following in Obama’s footsteps.  He has no choice if he [Trump] wants to stay in office, or even stay alive.  Many of Trump’s selections have Rothschild ties.

Steve Mnuchin, Trumps’ choice for Treasury is a Goldman Sachs Alumni.  Wilber Ross for Commerce Secretary ran Rothschild’s NY investment bureau for around 18 years and helped bail out Trump when Trump roughly went broke with his casinos.  Trump owes Ross, large time.  Time for payback, bigger time.

There might be a change in presidential style, though there will be no change in square as a low state retains a stranglehold on a “leadership” of this country.  The bureau of president, Congress, and a Senate are zero though Bread and Circuses for open consumption.

Where in a Constitution does it concede a supervision to view indiscriminately on a American people?  [Hint:  Nowhere!].  Under Trump, that will not change, and in fact, it will get worse.  Look adult Rule 41, usually passed, that allows even some-more powers for spying, during will, on your e-mails, phone calls, computers, etc, etc, etc.  There is no some-more remoteness for anyone.

Germany’s BND, that nation’s sovereign comprehension use and, embarrassingly for Germany, is a de facto arm of a CIA.  It has been espionage via Europe and promulgation a information behind to a CIA.  Just like Rule 41 was passed, a BND was also postulated even some-more espionage powers.  Elsewhere, a UK has unabashedly private any and all obstacles for espionage on British citizens.  These are one and tranquil events by a globalists as they continue to tie their knot on a untimely public.

The trap has been building and is all set for a final stairs to place a universe underneath a powerful of a New World Order.  One of a final phases is to destroy all fiat paper, [Problem], and chuck a universe into financial disharmony [Reaction – Anyone wakeful of India’s remarkable rejecting of 1,000 and 500 Rupee records knows what to expect].  Those unknowingly will expected sojourn unaware, personification into a hands of a globalists.

The globalist’s Solution will be a introduction of a Special Drawing Rights [SDR] to reinstate a universe financial system.  The SDR will chaperon in a One World Currency.  Local currencies will still exist, to a singular degree, as a indomitable impetus to a cashless multitude will make everybody dance to a globalist banker’s digital world.  Then, each financial transaction you, or anyone, creates will be underneath sum inspection of a New World  Order government.

Gold and china sojourn as a usually loyal income famous all over a world.  Those who have it can duty and tarry outward of a digital system, though usually as income vanishes and is no longer authorised in financial transactions, it is a matter of time before a bankers also outlaw a use of bullion and china in any transactions.  It is tough to suppose any other way.

This might take during slightest a few years, maybe more, to be implemented.  All countries are on board, including China, including Russia.  No nation can tarry a energy of a globalists though incurring financial self-murder in a banking fight conducted by a executive bankers, much as a US has been doing for decades around a world.

The charts uncover low prices for bullion and china and no signs of a turnaround, yet.  These low prices challenge logic, challenge supply and demand, though they entirely simulate a financial energy of a globalists to act during will and with no hostile forces.  China’s, Russia’s, and even India’s aggregation of earthy bullion is not to disintegrate a Western elites and Western executive bankers, during all.  These countries are accumulating gold, not to behind any currency, though to be in a position of energy to attend in a New World Order’s one tellurian currency.

The SDR is a given, if anyone reads a position of a International Monetary Fund [IMF], and a boss, a Bank of International Settlements [BIS], a scratch is on a self-evident wall.  All paper fiat currencies will turn debasing to a elite’s ultimate SDR, another paper banking that will be combined maybe primarily on a prejudiced strength of a country’s bullion holdings, though like Federal Reserve Notes were primarily corroborated by bullion and china from 1913 to 1933, a SDR bullion subsidy will eventually disappear, and a globalists will be in sum control of a world, formulating “money” out of skinny air, usually like a Fed has been doing.

In a interim, those who have bullion and china will transport best while they can until a transition is completed, again, years away.  Those endangered about a stream cost of bullion and silver, instead of doing all probable to have and amass earthy possession of them, are personification a fool’s game.  China, Russia, India, even executive bankers are all aggregation as most earthy bullion and china as is possible.  Take a page from those who order and do a same.  Accumulate whatever we can, while we still can.

As an aside, and clearly unrelated, mainstream news media continues to censure Russia for interfering in American politics though an iota of evidence.  The Bread and Circuses Congress usually passed “H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017? during a following location” that also endeavors to censure Russia [and inhibit any shortcoming for a US’ shortcomings], can also be partial of a Trojan Horse to benefit some-more and some-more control over a internet, to a wreckage of bland users.  The globalists are everywhere, doing all probable to absolved people of all freedoms.  Count on it.

[We recently posted  two articles on how a sovereign supervision deceitfully functions that offer nonetheless some-more tangental information that supports a grounds of this commentary.]     Elite-Controlled Federal Government Does Not Represent You, and Federal Government False Flag Actors, for ubiquitous reading.

It is a theory on a partial that a high volume in Nov is an try to run as many longs out of a paper bullion and china marketplace as probable while intelligent income is covering what they can in expelling competition.  We could be wrong on that, that is fine given we are not advocating positions in a paper marketplace from a prolonged side.

Exactly what is going on is not clear, solely for a intensity for reduce bullion and china prices.  It is given it becomes essential to guard a impression of how a marketplace responds to stream disastrous conditions.  For sure, a marketplace is not indicating clever reasons to be prolonged a heavily manipulated paper futures market.

The weekly draft confirms a debility seen in a monthly.  Last week there was an easing of a downward movement as cost sealed usually somewhat reduce from a before week.  It does not annul a fact that final week was a reduce high, reduce low, and reduce close.  We are usually holding note that it will take some-more bid for sellers to press a marketplace lower, or buyers will try to take advantage and mountain a rally.  There is no declaration that will occur that is given we take a discreet proceed to wait and see how a marketplace develops, week by week.


Daily bullion is and looks diseased with no justification that buyers could make even a handicapped convene bid given cost cascaded reduce a few weeks ago.  There is no apparent clever bottom from past marketplace activity to act as a basement for support and prompt a turnaround.  Absent that, the prolonged side of a paper marketplace has small to offer in intensity prerogative amidst conditions where longs have been punished harshly.  Stay away.


The draft comments cover what needs to be addressed.  The laterally activity does not prove any change in possibly direction.  The reduce operation around 13.50 could be retested though worsening a draft structure.  The repairs would be some-more psychological for those long, including a earthy metal, that a globalists would acquire in this efforts to make life miserable for those selecting changed metals instead of their meaningless fiat.


Of all a charts, weekly china offers a slimmest spark of wish for a rally.  Price is in an oversold condition [always remembering oversold can become more oversold], while during a same time a downside movement came to a hindrance by trait of 2 weeks relocating laterally and not neatly lower.  This is no reason for being prolonged futures, rather, it is an regard to guard a impression of how a marketplace continues to develop.


Price has been relocating laterally given mid-November, most like it did via October, though a convene that ensued in Nov was short-lived.  This demonstrates given perplexing to trade from a prolonged side has been a wrong proceed to trade.

Buy a physical; equivocate paper.  In fact, equivocate any investment that is famous usually by holding a square of paper as explanation of owning something.  Physical bullion and china is the only asset that has no third-party counter-risk.






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