Gold And Silver – Quarterly, Monthly Charts & Analysis

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While not many compensate any courtesy to these dual incomparable time frames, generally a Quarterly, both are some-more determining and accept larger courtesy from intelligent income players.  These time frames are not during all used for marketplace timing, though they do uncover the dominance of a trend.  It also takes extremely some-more bid to outcome changes on either or both.

There is no need to anxiety any news events given stream events can't change a determined trends, and a common stream events of a past several years have finished 0 to change a trend.  We take that back.  For a final year, while a altogether trend has been down, cost has been comparatively neutral in a clarity of relocating laterally instead of lower.  That remarkable aspect is indeed a change in behaviour, and it is some-more transparent on a china chart.

As an editorial aside, while many of a universe is focused on a  Greek debt farce, what is not grabbing anyone’s courtesy is a much, most bigger imitation famous as a EU, now being unprotected for a dull threats conflicting Greece for that country’s refusal/inability to repay a supposed debt.  Tsipras is exposing a toothless Wizard behind a [debt] curtain, huffing and blasting incomprehensible demands, “or else!”  [The “or else!” generally entrance from Merkel, day after day, again to no effect.]

What a universe is not saying is accurately how a Debt Emperor is wearing no clothes!  There is no approach these official clowns can make anything, and if they can't control a tiny, defenseless nation like Greece, afterwards for EU, BIS, and all other alphabet-types that are a partial of a debt meister’s enclave, it is diversion over.  The usually reason given it is not diversion over is a open does not get it.  They do not know all a banks are bank-rupt, and Greece is exposing a Ponzi scheme.  Take a closer demeanour during what is going on, [Greece], and what is not going on [EU’s inability to do a damn thing about removing “repaid.”]

Repaid?  What did they lend to Greece?  Imaginary digitalized fiat [as in not real] “currency.”  If Greece were smart, it would repay what was received…simply send behind a full amount, and interest, in a form of digitalized blips to a EU.  That would change what a EU/IMF “loaned” to Greece and removing what was “loaned” returned in full.

Play a same game, Greece.  No bank in a Western universe has anything of piece to lend, solely digitalized mechanism entries combined out of skinny air.  Greek people [and a rest of a debt-enslaved world] are pang financially over mechanism entries?  Come on, world, Greece is pulling behind a screen and no one is looking!

If we grasp a highlight of this, we have any reason to be worried.  The elites have been using a biggest criminal diversion ever, and it is achieved by gripping people ignorant.  Of what?

Where to begin?  Everything and anything that is genuine and important.  Take money, and a elites generally wish we to take theirs given it is hypothetical and worthless, and they direct piece in lapse payment.  That is a “money” diversion in a bulb shell.  Very few know what income is, and only as importantly, what it is not.

Money, in a typical acceptation, means bullion or silver.  It can be paper banking as a  medium of sell IF a paper is corroborated by bullion or silver, otherwise, it is simply fiat. Money can't be notes, bonds, or debt.  What is a ONLY thing released by any bank in a world?  Fiat notes, indeed debt instruments, and that is accurately what Federal Reserve Notes are, blurb debt instruments.  They are not Federal; there are no reserves; and they are not notes.  There is no guarantee to compensate anyone anything during any indicate in time.

All fiat issue, regardless of source, BIS, IMF, executive banks, et al, are simply possibly meaningless paper, a really little commission for circulation, and a largest form is a most some-more simply combined mechanism entries, blips that magically seem in one’s account.  All of whatever is combined is debt.  We have pronounced this before, and we repeat again, DEBT, by a really clarification CANNOT BE MONEY.  It is a conflicting of money.  What we have in your slot that we THINK is “money” is debt, pristine and simple.

The bankers have conned a universe for over a century in a US, a few centuries in a UK and now a EU.  By default, [by accident], Greece has turn a tip of a debt iceberg by going into tangible default.

This does not uncover adult in a charts, for 0 of news piece that is apparently auspicious to both bullion and china [like a rare direct side for both and a unsafe supply side generally for silver], zero of this has impacted a marketplace as would be expected, i.e., aloft prices.  No, no.  The bankers have even plainly certified to actively suppressing a cost of bullion for during slightest a final 50 years.

How most reduce can cost go?  $15.50 for silver, and $1,175 for gold.  Will possibly go that low?  The luck is subsequent to zero.  How high can possibly go?  If a bankers ever remove control, and they are on a hill of doing so, a upside intensity can be staggering.  Will this happen?  Probably not.  People are confident to have their feign income desiring that all will be okay.  At least, that is what they are told by a bankers, and they trust it.

The monthly china draft shows how a bid to keep cost suppressed is reaching or has reached a violation point.  The net gains to a downside are smaller and smaller as can be seen by comparing a 3 opposite TRs [Trading Range].

We are outrageous advocates in bargain and appreciating a energy of a trend, and a trend is down for both china and gold.  However, a transition from a transparent trend down, seen in TR 1, is vastly opposite from a non-trend of TR 3, where cost has changed laterally for a final 9 months, and counting.  The closes have also clustered.

What we know about closes that cluster is they paint one of dual possibilities, relocating forward.  The initial is a postponement before stability a trend, that would put china lower, nonetheless again.  The second probability is for a annulment of trend.  It is a approach for buyers to catch all a selling, that prevents cost from going lower.  Because it takes time for buyers to overcome a downward movement of a trend, they need time to retreat a trend, and that is given cost moves laterally to accommodate a tentative change in direction.

Price has returned to a LLBH [Last Low Before High], and we drew a plane line from a pitch low and referenced it as support.  Markets are always testing/retesting all support/resistance areas, regardless of time.  Last December, 2014, cost retested a low from 2010.  You can also see it on a Quarterly chart, during “10.”  What is critical is to observe HOW cost responds to a test/retest.  In this instance, cost pennyless support around 18 in Oct 2014 on a approach to a Dec retest.  What happened on a retest?  So far, cost has held.  It stopped going reduce and has changed sideways.  In a down trend, one would design support to not hold.  Support did not reason in TR 2, that led to a stream reduce TR 3, though a miss of sellers to take cost reduce stands out when comparing a 3 TRs.

Looking during a Qtr shutting for 30 June, a operation is small, directionless, and only consider of a news events that have transpired any day, any week, any month, so most bad news, so most negativity, universe stress, etc.  If we knew 0 about a news and only looked during a little range, we would presupposition that all contingency be willing in a universe to have so tiny impact on cost for a past 3 months.

We do not theory or “predict” what might occur in a future.  Anyone who does is offered lizard oil underneath a guise of an informed/educated guess, and some-more than expected before ‘informed/educated” guesses have been wrong, so stop descending for a “predictors” and their nonsense, no matter who a source, no matter how good intended.  Let a marketplace go where it will and follow a lead.  That way, we are following a proven fact.

For now, buyers have not nonetheless  met a weight for a change in trend.  At a same time, sellers are during risk of losing control to a buyers is a sellers can't pierce cost reduce and keep it lower.


si q m 30 jun

The contention in china equally relates for gold.  the draft is somewhat different, a tiny some-more certain by not carrying shaped a reduce third tier TR as china has.

What we know about TRs is that a over they pierce along a RHS [Right Hand Side], a closer a TR is to reaching a directional resolve, aloft or lower.  We do not nonetheless see a tipping point, though a tiny operation for a Qtr only finished some-more than expected will lead to a most broader TR for a subsequent Qtr.  The parsimonious clustering of closes on a Quarterly draft is of interest, and generally so given of a unsuccessful convene try in a prior Qtr that sealed nearby a low [2nd bar from end], though unsuccessful to have any downside follow through, and led, instead, to a little operation only ended, could lead to change, though any change needs to be reliable given cost can still go lower.

The doubt to be asked on a china chart, where are a sellers, goes behind 9 months.  On a bullion chart, where have a sellers been given mid-2013 in light of all a downside manipulated offered pressure?  The executive bankers have exerted a immeasurable volume of vigour on a bullion market.  Given a bid expended, a payback has not been that great.  Yes, price declined from 1,400+ to 1,100, though demeanour during how prolonged a bid has taken.

We are removing nonetheless another look during a “Wizard” behind a curtain.  [For a unfamiliar readers, when we anxiety a Wizard, it comes from a Wizard of Oz where a supposed almighty Wizard dark behind a screen was a fraud, apparent to all, once a screen was pulled back.  Somewhat same to a czar wearing no clothes.

Because we do not predict, all we can contend is a bullion and china charts are revelation we to be prepared for change.  Once it begins, it could rise movement that would be unstoppable.

The subsequent Commentary will be Saturday, 11 Jul 2015.

GC Q 30 Jun 15