Gold And Silver Short Sellers Remain In Control

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Gold And Silver Short Sellers Remain In Control

Gold And Silver Short Sellers Remain In Control

This week, we are finale a explanation portion, substantially until Jan due to a dire time joining for a successive several weeks.  Starting from successive week, we will post charts and draft comments usually on this site.  If we are not a subscriber and still wish to review a draft comments, we will have to allow in sequence to follow a updates.

This is not an bid to boost subscribers, rather, it is a usually viable approach since a sites to that a articles are submitted cite some concomitant commentary, in further to a charts.  We do not use subscriber e-mails for any purpose other than submitting a commentaries directly to them.  Subscriber remoteness is respected.  Besides, from a indicate of view, a charts tell a many constrained story.

Gold and Silver Charts…

The stability down trend in bullion and china is obvious, though infrequently adding a elementary line to bond a pitch highs and lows can change what a eye sees.  As a consequence, we were means to concentration on greeting rallies 1, 2, and 3 for a comparison and assessment, as explained on a chart.

Typically, when a trend ends, there is mostly some form of thespian price/volume activity that stands out.  An instance would be seen in a activity on a left apportionment of a chart. Price declined neatly into a Jun lows and had a demeanour of a intensity finish to a trend.  What is blank and explains since this was not an finish to a down trend were dual factors:  lack of complicated volume at/near a lows, your standard pointer of change from diseased hands into clever hands, and a initial greeting convene off of a low was not that strong.

What we are saying in bullion is a solid decrease with no apparent panicking to form a basement for a bottom.  The really tiny operation of final week is a discord of a panic.  It shows that buyers were gripping sellers in check after a pointy decline.  Sellers mislaid control, during slightest for a week.  This opens a doorway for buyers to start a greeting rally, and that stays to be seen.

GC W 14 Nov 15

The clever convene bar from 3 weeks ago was a sufficient opening for us to take a small position from a prolonged side, one that lasted reduction than a day.  The opening reduce opening proved the clever convene was a longhorn trap, and it was also justification of how diseased a bullion marketplace is, was during that time.  The successive 11 day decrease demonstrated gold’s stability debility and seller control.

The tiny detriment suffered was a no-brainer preference since there was a stop in place during a same time a buy recommendation was initiated.  This removes any/all greeting warn and/or guesswork to a greeting opening lower.  Those who select not to use stops were then confronted with holding for a greeting higher, that never developed, or not meaningful how to hoop a trade that suddenly changed neatly lower.  The net outcome is roughly always a incomparable detriment than if a stop were already in place.  A word to a wise…

Will this intensity double bottom hold?  After a far-reaching operation bar decline, 6 bars ago, a final 5 bars have been overlapping, and a closes are roughly clustering, both signs for a probable change in cost direction.  A convene can be expected, though surrounding resources foreordain it might not last, as explained next.

The circled high volume reflects brief covering during a prior low.  It can lead to a “double bottom,” though not one that would be of final generation due to a steep decrease heading adult to a low of Thursday.  A greeting rally, yes.  A tolerable rally?  Not likely, for dual reasons.  First, a sharpness of a decline, as mentioned, and second, a trend is still down and controlling.  Both import opposite a contingency of a reversible convene with staying power.   [EDM = Ease of Downward Movement]

GC D 14 Nov 15

We mostly discuss how one pierce needs to be reliable by a next, nonetheless to happen, indirect move.  Too many traders do not practice adequate calm to wait for some justification to endorse what already took place.  The “double bottom” in china was not reliable by successive activity.  In fact, a diseased convene greeting and inability to surpass a 50% retracement from a final pitch high were both signs that a convene was not approaching to hold.  As in gold, final week’s tiny operation can lead to another greeting rally.  The impression of a successive convene will be some-more clearly seen on a daily chart.

SI W 14 Nov 15

The longhorn trap was most some-more apparent in silver, [the unsuccessful high convene during a finish of October].  Here again, if one did not use a stop in going long, an amateur’s tactic, one would have some-more than approaching suffered an nonessential incomparable loss, and they supplement up.

The increasing volume on that unsuccessful convene was a fake pointer of strength.  It was indeed an depletion convene unfailing to fail, though that could not be famous until it was confirmed a successive TD.  Not each buy or sell position or vigilance will work successfully, and that is a partial of doing business, and it is also excusable and to be expected.  This is since stops are so essential in trading.  [TD = Trading Day]

The signs heading to what might be another proxy bottom were negative, only as in gold:  very pointy dump and a trend being down.  A greeting convene can be expected, even successive week.  What will be vicious to watch is how a convene develops since a luck is that a greeting convene will be temporary, even if cost rallies behind to a 15.50 – 15.70 area, an confident target.

The decrease in bullion and china does not seem to be over.

SI D 14 Nov 15


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