Gold And Silver Without Direction – Insanity Prevails

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Gold And Silver Without Direction – Insanity Prevails

Gold And Silver Without Direction – Insanity Prevails

Insanity: Doing a same thing over and over and awaiting a opposite result. – Albert Einstein.

From a viewpoint of logic, a universe creates reduction and reduction clarity as a elites relentlessly, and successfully pursue their one universe government.  There has been an increased awareness of a Rothschilds, elites, bankers, those who control all money, all Western governments, and we are not so certain about a rest of a world.  Unfortunately, the greater recognition has finished zero to change a unavoidable march of dominance of the masses by a few.  The New World Order [NWO] stays on schedule, formed on results.

It seems those who consider they know something about a NWO takeover, that is often very little, are of a mistaken faith that change will come about externally, from some outside force that might change a NWO trail to universe [debt] enslavement.  The wish is that China, with all of a gold, Putin/Russia, with all of a bullion and outrageous healthy resources, along with a remaining BRICS nations will put an finish to a elite’s fiat control over everything and everyone.  It ain’t going to happen.

Neither China nor Russia have a ability to take a rod over from a Federal Reserve’s fiat “dollar” so creation possibly a Yuan or Ruble as a world’s reserve
currency.  Make no mistake, a Fed’s artificial fiat is fast  being transposed in universe trade settlement, though again, conjunction China nor Russia have possibly a ability or willingness to settle a gold-backed currency.  China will never open a nation and a level of inspection that comes with a haven currency.  Russia simply can't do it.

Both China and Russia continue to voice support for participating within a International Monetary Fund [IMF], a duty of a Bank for International Settlement [BIS] the primary executive bank for all executive banks and a whole banking common run by the Rothschilds, a elites.  There might be some changes in a participants, though a ultimate control is unchanged.

The expectations sojourn for some form of SDR-issued binds to be used in place of the Fed’s fiat “dollar.”  It is probable bullion might be a component, though some-more expected is a basket of currencies corroborated by other resources, as well.  While it stays to be seen, that appears to be a instruction in that a BRICS are headed.  For those anticipating a outmost change will come from China and/or Russia, do not count on it.

From where will change come [if any, during all]?  Unfortunately, it has to come from within, and a odds of that occurrence is slim to none.  What would be one of a most effective means of change?  Stop participating in a insanity.  The problem with that is most people have no idea what that entails, and even fewer have a solve to remove themselves from corporate sovereign supervision jurisdiction.

Do we have a bank account?

Any and all “money” reason in a bank is no longer yours.  It becomes a partial of a bank’s liabilities, and in a eventuality of bank disaster or default, we turn a creditor.  As a creditor, we mount in line behind derivative holders, those obliged for all banking insolvency, though interjection to Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act, derivative holders are initial in line to explain your income to compensate themselves.

Why would anyone select to put their supposed “money” in a bank when laws have been passed that concede bankers to take it? Some might contend carrying initial explain instead of stealing, but it is a eminence though a difference.

Do we use credit cards?

All debt that arises from a use of credit is combined by monetizing your signature.  Nobody puts adult a “money” for we to use until we compensate it back, with unbending seductiveness rates.  How is that operative for many people?  It is an dictated form of debt enslavement, plain and simple.  It is also dictated to pierce to a cashless multitude where all we do is tracked, and that information can and will be used opposite you.

How can one travel, buy things, lease cars, etc, etc, etc?  Few people who use credit cards are wakeful that leisure comes with a price, and if preference is some-more suggestive as a willing member in a hurtful system, afterwards we have no basement to complain.  You are not a partial of any solution, though we are a partial of a problem.  Cognitive cacophony prevents many from bargain how they can be a partial of a problem.

Are we a purebred voter?  Why?  If voting mattered, it would be outlawed.  It is purely a ruse, an soporific for a masses to consider that voting has ever finished a difference.  If anyone needs an example, usually consider of “Yes We Can” as a candidate, and a formula once installed in office.

Do we have a matrimony license, if married?  Why?  A matrimony permit is a three-way union between a male and woman, or others if that matters, and a State, and anything that issues from a matrimony is skill of a state for that a married integrate has equitable rights.  What issues from a marriage?  Children.  Why is it, do we think, that the Department of Children and Family Services [DCFS] can enter your home and remove your children to turn wards of a state?  Did we pointer a license[contract]?   [See Every Family In America Is At Risk From The Government, as an example.

We could go on for pages, though with what small that is created here, few people will comprehend a significance, and many will urge their appearance in a very system they find so reprehensible on a aloft level.  It usually seems opposite when it is brought down to a local, any day level.

Another quote from Einstein comes to mind:  “The universe is a dangerous place to live; not since of a people who are evil, though since of a people who don’t do anything about it.”

The indicate to make is change.  f it is to come about, iis not going to come from external events.  Rather, suggestive change can usually come  from within any of us peaceful to do whatever it takes to expostulate a Rothschilds and all of a moneychangers out.  It is easy to rail during all of a injustices finished by a 1%.  It is equally easy to rail during a inequities done at a hands of Wall Streeters, all of whom are 1. a subset of and tranquil by a 1%, and 2. stable by a corporate sovereign supervision [Too large to destroy [or jail] according to a conduct of a Department of Justice.

Where would any of these elites be if we simply refused to reside by their rules, not play their game?  It is, after all, a choice, and roughly all select to be a partial of a problem. The 1% has finished participating in their complement easy, convenient, creation it seem like there  is no alternative, and they purposefully make alternatives difficult, or a harder choice by that to live.

Talk is cheap, and a elites know it and rest on correspondence by a masses.  Do you ever consternation because Occupy Wall Street failed?  Not adequate people were peaceful to make a difference, and “because of a people who don’t do anything about it.”  When opportunity to make a disproportion on a internal turn is ignored, it becomes many easier to rail during what usually happened in Greece, when a Greek people were tricked by a hopes of a Syriza celebration and now contingency face debt acquiescence to a EU, while gaining nothing for a Greek people in return.  This Greek Tragedy was unequivocally Kabuki Theater for the masses in sequence to save a EU banking system.

If zero will change on a internal level, it is absurd to design change on an international level, and not from China or Russia, indirectly a partial of a exiting system.   The world grows deeper and deeper into stupidity by going deeper and deeper into debt.  Right now,  on a world-wide basis, all sovereign-issued debt is being monetized by central bankers.  This is not going to finish well, during all.

For a striking of a debt stupidity around a world, this defies mercantile shortcoming on every level, and it proves how a bombard diversion is being kept alive while in a open.  Either people do not care, or they do not get it. Either way, this goes a prolonged approach in proof how change is not building from those many adversely influenced by it.

Global GDP


Note one nation not on a list?  Russia.  Yet another reason for Obama wanting to go to fight there.

The timing for any fall of a banking complement and a mistaken faith it will foster a new gold-backed complement keeps removing pushed behind for as prolonged as smaller governments like Greece, indeed all a PIIGS, can be kept debasing to a 1%’s bidding, for as long as a US fight appurtenance can keep all a other smaller countries in fear while a US mounts a fake dwindle conflict on Russia around a US-induced manoeuvre in Ukraine, bullion and silver will sojourn as pawns in these unwashed wars.

One thing is certain, carrying earthy bullion and china will yield a store of value for those who reason possibly or both.  The futility of perplexing to call for when a fall of a “dollar” will come, and/or a change in a world’s financial system, that might not be a gold-backed banking of some kind, is a nearby unfit call to make.

All we can do is perspective a charts, looking for change, and  we see none, during present.

Despite all of a intense fundamentals on silver, a draft uncover a marketplace drifting at reduce levels with no signs of a turnaround.

SI M 28 Feb 15

The same binds true for a weekly chart.  Nothing new here.

SI W 28 Feb 15

The draft comments cover what is going on.  Not much, for buyers.

SI D 28 Feb 15

Gold is a marketplace looking for direction, possibly way.

GC M 28 Feb 15

There is still a array of reduce highs.  The miss of instruction is straightforwardly apparent.

GC W 28 Feb 15

This is an instance where a 5 second demeanour is all that is indispensable to consider a chart.

GC D 28 Feb 15


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