Gold Prices vs National Debt: The Big Picture

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Gold Prices vs National Debt: The Big Picture

Gold Prices vs National Debt: The Big Picture

Gold prices appearance in Jan 1996 and afterwards fell for 3.5 years into a multi-decade low. It was a age of stocks, debt, leverage, and good times; nobody indispensable or wanted gold.

Since a arise in bullion prices in 2011 a Federal Reserve has “generously” granted a universe with trillions of dollars of newly combined digital and paper debt, all corroborated by zero though faith and credit. Bonds have rallied and a SP is aloft by 50% or so. The Japanese Central Bank has likewise constructed trillions of yen, bought holds and bonds, and extended their retrogression several some-more years.

Yes, a past 4 years have been a repeat of a age of stocks, debt, and leverage, though customarily a financial and domestic chosen gifted good times. Debt is massively aloft and bullion is still bumping around a bottom.

  • Gold forsaken from about $405 in Jan 1996 to $253 in Jul 1999: 38% in 42 months.
  • Gold forsaken from about $1900 in Aug 2011 to $1070 in Jul 2015: 44% in 47 months. The dump is identical to a 1996-1999 collapse.

The US inhabitant debt has customarily increased. Examine a following dual graphs per bullion and a inhabitant debt.




  • Gold prices boost with inhabitant debt, with important exceptions such as 2001 and 2015 – circled in green. Those well-developed prices did/will scold aloft to compare a ceiling trend in inhabitant debt.
  • Gold prices in 2015 are clearly low compared to prolonged tenure inhabitant debt, as they were in 2001. Expect bullion prices to arise almost to recompense for a past 4 years of disappearing prices.
  • The ratio of bullion to race practiced inhabitant debt for a past 20 years shows that bullion prices arise along with both race and a inexorably augmenting inhabitant debt. Currently a ratio is during a low finish of a multi-decade range. Gold prices will arise some-more fast than race and a inhabitant debt for several, substantially many, years.

Examine a 25 year record scale graph of bullion and note points 1 – 4 on a graph.



  • The object will arise tomorrow and inhabitant debt will continue a exponential increase.
  • Gold prices will arise and tumble though fundamentally follow a boost in income supply and debt. The subsequent large pierce will be ceiling to compare a bursting inhabitant debt.
  • The ratio of bullion to inhabitant debt is now low, formed on decades of history. Expect a ratio to boost in a subsequent several years. Since we positively know that inhabitant debt will increase, bullion prices have substantial upside, even but hyperinflation or a banking collapse.

Gold prices could (I doubt it) tumble serve in a brief term, given High Frequency Trading dominates trade action, and executive banks need to censor a fact that their policies and currencies are failing, that customarily means they conceal bullion prices. Gold was before a “canary in a spark mine” indicating a disaster of financial and mercantile policies. But active termination of bullion prices has transposed a “canary” with a cosmetic look-alike that disguises a warning vigilance that tells us that something is really wrong with a financial policies.

However, it is customarily a matter of time, either it is days or months, before a consequences of large debt and rash “printing” of unbacked debt formed fiat currencies penetrate some-more of a universe into “Venezuela conditions.”

Paper currencies, executive banks and delusional paper promises will fail. We need something better. Gold and china come to mind…



Courtesy: Gary Christenson | The Deviant Investor